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  1. Interesting. I've almost always landed without my fixed landing gear breaking(the exceptions are when i flipped over). You can place the radial parachutes above the center of mass; Your plane will just fall straight down. But as i see now, it might be that your wings are too much on the front. Your center of lift should be behind the center of mass, not in the middle or in front. Try also placing your rear landing gear more to the back, this will require more torque to lift the front part up, so it might not happen. And if you don't already know, use SAS.
  2. What you can also do is, if you have multiple satellite contracts, and use a rocket that is totally overpowered(on mine i don't even separate the mk2 engine off my rocket bcs i have like 3000 dv left), you can place all the necessary equipment on a single rocket, go to one of the trajectories, and then after finishing the contract reposition it to the place of the other contract. I did that once when i had all of the equipment and thought it would be cool not to send a second rocket but use that one instead. I did a gravity assist with Mun so i get the orbit with less delta v.
  3. Well, after following the tips dear ksp players told me in the "what do i do after mun landing?", i went to get an orbit to Minmus. Bit of a hassle getting the intersect, but i managed it. Now, after coming back safely(with 1400 delta-v before entering atmo), i got myself to 700 science!, Now, that is a lot for me, and i don't know what to spend it on. I've went for science tech part to get new stuff there, but still haven't got the gravity measurement thingy. All of my available upgrades are between 90-550 science in cost(550 being the rocket engines, and 90 being propulsion). I haven't gone as deep to ssto tech as much as science, and not much either to electricity(got only the first available solar panels). Now, what to go for next? is it the ultra-nuclear-radioactive-highlyoverheatingTM engine? Or some science tech?
  4. I've currently made 3 Mun landings, and placed a couple of satellites in Mun orbit for contracts. Now, the question is, what do i do next? There are no contracts for a Minmus landing, so basically a waste of money, and there are only contracts for testing stuff, going to certain locations on Kerbin, and sending tourists to Mun and back. I don't wan't to send tourists to Mun, as i only the 3rd time made a rocket with enough delta-v that can return(just placed bigger fuel tanks), Testing engines can be awkward as the requirements are a bit hard to accomplish, and going to a certain location, just feels uneasy. What do i do?
  5. So, today i was testing out a plane i made with the afterburning engine(idk the name, thrust is 85 and 135), and i kicked up the turbo. plane suddenly accelerated to 950 m/s(only had 2 of them), and then i shut off the turbo. i tried to roll to the right and pull up to steer to see what would happen, and the whole fuselage broke in half. my wings were on the back, so they're gone, and so were the engines. all i had for controls is a reaction wheel and 2 winglets(the ones with 5% surface control area) and a rudder, not to forget that i was in the middle of the ocean. I rotated the remains of the plane prograde(down), and tried to make it glide. the plane resisted rotating, making it hard to turn, but i managed to pull the prograde vector up about 15 degrees from around 50 degrees down. at around 500m i turned fully prograde and slowly pulled up. The prograde vector pulled up drastically, to around 15 degrees before i hit the water. I somehow, unbelievably survived. The winglets broke, but everything else was fine. Did anything like that ever happen to you?
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