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  1. I cant make KSPRC to work .... In the past i was having the Laythe like this https://ibb.co/cyB5mv . I like this clean , with not a lots of clouds. but i cant make KSPRC to work... can same 1 help me plz? + in the Features it say : KSPRC (textures only) - Proot . But in the installation guide it say " you only have a KSPRC folder with Terrain and PluginData left in your GameData. " so we delete the texture foldore but we have the texture features ?
  2. Hi guys i have like 2 days i am trying to make it work... but nothing.... I am new in this game and this is the only mod i will really want . If some one have make it work for 1.7.3 ...plz share a link where i can download
  3. i try it from 200k on Kerbin, how more high ?!?!?!... is just dont work,if i do target select he dont burn, if i select land somewhere he burn but stop when he still have 20k.
  4. if i select land somewhere he start the burn but he stop when is hitting the 20k altitude... and ofc the ship is destroy it.
  5. The landing is not working true? i test it more time on KERBIN and all the time was fail. He was not burn for reduce speed so the ship was going with full speed in the planet.
  6. Somebody managed to add the planets graphic from KSPRC in 1.3? I try it Astronomer and Andromeda but is not even close. I try it and in the way THX have suggest but is not the same... Here you can see Laythe in 1.1.2 https://ibb.co/cyB5mv And here is Laythe in 1.3 https://ibb.co/d2okmv with different mods ,pretty mach all are like in the image . I love the way it was in 1.1.2 where i can see the islands. If somebody have make it work PLZ let me know. I still play 1.1.2 just because of the KSPRC.........
  7. i have land on the Mun,was easy ,the problem like i say it ,i need a ship to go long distance and dont know to build 1.
  8. I hope me topic is in the right section.I am new in game ,but i have learn a lot in the last weeks.Me dream from the start was to make a base on Laythe.But i have a big problem ,i still dont know to make ships that can take me there and back...I really suck in building rockets... I was hopping some one can share a ship who can carry pieces of base to Laythe and to take me back to Kerbin.But now that i am thinking,because i am new in game will be good that ship can go to Eeloo,so i can be sure even if i do some mistakes i can still do me missions whit no problems on Laythe(having enough fuel) Not sure what more info i need to give....any way i think for a noob like me,more powerful it is ,more good it is. Thx for your time.
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