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  1. zer0kerbal now has access to the repository and the project on curseforge. He'll be the chief maintainer from now on, have fun with the mod...
  2. It actually is compatible with 1.3.0, I didn't know I had to update CKAN. At the moment it is incompatible with the current Razer SDK. I don't know why they don't keep it backwards-compatible...
  3. Looks like the mod is incompatible with the latest Razer SDK, will look into that, as soon as I find the time.
  4. Dear adventurer. Yelling at the developer who spend 50+ hours of his spare time to create this free mod is of course the first step on the magnificent journey of getting excellent support. The next assignment on your quest to achieve a working setup would be to check, that you use the latest KSP version and the latest version of the mod (on github or on curse - special sidequest: find the links in the first post for special kharma). Next you need to make sure, the zip file you downloaded is correctly placed in the right folder (GameData, right next to the Squad folder). Also make sure, you're not using any fancy settings in the Chroma software. The default light setting should work fine. Find out if KSP.exe actually shows up in the list of Chroma enabled applications. If you used all the ingredients correctly, the soup of mod-usage should be ready to consume. Start the game and see if it works. Should this not be the case, collect the game log file from the root folder of the game (output_log.txt) and find a way to get it to the almighty developer (humble me). Ideally thou shalt create a bug report on github but a personal forum telegram might work as well. Should none of the suggested tasks resolve your predicamet, remember: the support game is one of microtransactions. You can get personal teamviewer support buy just paying 6 euros per five minutes of remote work. While it might seem expensive at first glance, you'll find the market will not spawn much cheaper support for any such problems.
  5. Sorry, but so far the mod is Windoze only... I can't do anything for mac users because I don't own a mac. Therefore I can't test the code on mac either...
  6. https://github.com/cguckes/Colore/releases/tag/ksp-chroma-version It is however shipped in the ksp-chroma release as well ;-)
  7. You need to check out my fork of the library. The guys from colore insisted on using the windows forms colors which aren't present in the .net-2.0-subset profile in unity. I removed all references from the library and suggested decoupling the color implementation but they refused.
  8. Can you send me the game log after the crash? You can remove any personal information from the log before sending it to me. Ideally as a bug report on github or if you don't know how to do that as a personal message.
  9. Way to put pressure an a guy. :-D Should be possible, I will add it in the next release. This will have to wait for the next KSP version though since I don't have much time right now.
  10. I would have to create a public interface for that. I don't know exactly which functions you need. Can you send me a PM with all exposed functions you need? Do you want stuff like toggleKey(Key) or setKeyToColor(Key, Color)? Or do you need access to the grid of all keys and the animation manager?
  11. I know for sure it won't work (I'm the mod developer). The linux drivers are all reverse engineered by members of the community and not compatible with the Razer API. At first I thought I might be able to implement it but it would mean reimplementing the Colore C# library to work with the linux razer drivers. I would like to use the mod on linux as well but I don't have the time to do this implementation myself.
  12. Love it! :-) Is it ok if I link the video in the mod description?
  13. Please do, I'll put a link on the github-page as well as the curse page :-)
  14. The gauges should work as they did before, I didn't change any code that would affect that. If it starts and isn't spamming the console, that looks pretty promising. At least I didn't forget to upload any files. ;-) I'm gonna see if there are any complaints coming in this week and then I'll release.
  15. I fixed a few errors and I hope it works now. Is there anyone willing to test a bit? I didn't have time for my usual quality checks. I should codify those... https://github.com/cguckes/ksp-chroma/releases/tag/1.2.2
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