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  1. Probably I guess a common thinking or thought: did check staging?
  2. Believe there are craft files in download when download Artemis Construction
  3. Seeing if removing these worked: - "reCOLOR" - "SOCKrepainted" - "SOCKrecolored" and nope, same thing happening
  4. So it appears that when load or revert to VAB, the Core stage options for different colors/skins isn't there but do show on a fresh new core stage Appears that it doesn't even seem to save skins chosen between VAB and Launch Pad (Katniss LC-39B) Like chose white with grey raceway and it shows on Launch pad Orange
  5. Breaking Ground: Affirmative Dev Version: Pre "Less boing-boing" Commit, latest in Dev: 3x S-1D So How share / post the log? Copy and paste contents into a Spoiler?
  6. Affirmative, Conformal Decals Edit: appears the whatchamacallit no longer shows when delete decals on S-IVB Interstage
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