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  1. Thanks, Ill have another look at my tech tree as they must be in there somewhere.
  2. I dont think I have that enabled, im not sure, but what does the material processing unit look like as I really dont know. I do know there is a 2.5 and a 3.75m version of it i think. I might just end up sending a logistics module and be done with it if i cant find it.
  3. It is, but only has fairings and some universal storage stuff.
  4. Yeah I have CTT, so Im not sure where it is.
  5. Hmmmm, I dont think ive unlocked it yet which is annoying. Is it far into the tech tree?
  6. Ok, where in the VAB can I find the material processing unit?
  7. Right, so basically the first step is making sure my mining vessel for Rare Metals has large enough storage for RM for over 6 hours so that the logistics automatically works?
  8. Does this mod allow you to change the trait of a Kerbal, mid-flight, as im using MKS and I have a bunch of engineers that turned into tourists as i didnt manage their habitation.
  9. I've got a Minmus surface base set up (pic in link attached), and I have mining facilities at the base for everything usable in MKS, apart from Uraninite, Rare Metals, Water and Hydrates. I need Rare Metals to fully set-up my material kits and machinery production, but the nearest rare metal deposit is a few kilometers away (more than 2km). I have tried the Local logistics just to see if it would work, and I already have my Rare Metal mining lander where there is a high-conc deposit, but the resources stay on the lander and dont get transferred to the main base. For this ill need planetary logistics, but I have no idea how to set it up. I have referred to the in-game Wiki and its not very clear at all, and the MKS wiki doesnt explain how to set it up. I'm not too experienced with this mod either, this is my first "proper" base using MKS, and everything up to now has been (reasonably) straightforward. Please can someone point me in the right direction, or just explain how I can get my resources from any deposit around Minmus, back to my main Base. Thanks. Base Pic:
  10. Ah yes, I dont ill install that now. Thanks very much.
  11. Ill check, thanks. Ok, I do have it installed, so I dont know whats causing this.
  12. No in the VAB, I used to be able to add resources such as machinery and material kits for a base construction, and then I was able to send them out and fill up the containers with the resource needed in the VAB. Now it just says Disable Warehouse and theres no option to fill it with anything.
  13. For some reason, I cannot send raw materials in any of the Kontainers (e.g. material kits). There used to be an option to change the supply hold to whatever resource I wanted to send, but now it only says "Disable Warehouse".
  14. Im trying to create a base core on the surface of Minmus, using all of the MKS duna modules. I kinda failed at dropping them off using the drop ship but the fix was to get kerbals to use KIS/KAS to turn them the right way up and orient them correctly. However, the game wont allow me to flip the module over without it being put into the terrain, which in turn then causes the module to either go several hundred meters in the air, or explode. Im not overly sure why this is happening and its prohibiting any further construction of my base, so if anyone knows a fix please can you say. Thanks.