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  1. Unfortunately I missed a bit. it was a good landing I guess. cause the crew got to walk away. try and try again. this one made it to 200x200km. but needs work for reentry. after looking at everyone else's it almost feels like a kids toy.
  2. it's one of those design hackjobs I come up with. something like that is a quick and dirty reply to an engineering question. It works out in dv. but as you said Mullet, its not exactly efficiency. I've worked on a couple of redesigns. Ones NTR based for the orbital maneuver system, and haz DV. But I think it violates the spirit of the challenge. the next one is entirely monoprop and OMS. And needs a bit of testing. It looks really solid so far.
  3. Thanks Speeding Mullet! I've been lurking the forums for some time actually, but this is the first time I have tried to take an active part. okay; so I'm correct in stating that this is not allowed then? a pair of strap on "thumper" SRB's (stop laughing! ) for circularization. ie: they are carried up into orbit then used at Apoapsis. that means another redesign then. hmmm BTW: this is a markedly different shuttle from the first I showed (full redesign). I'm trying for a leaderboard position on the STS badge for Payload. this will go farther then first on height, but the circulirsation burn takes all of my internal fuel without the straps (doh!). This one is fully capable of doing the job though. payload to orbit (75km) is at the 50 ton range. {one full orange tank, and two 2.5m monoprop tanks plus assorted extras} with lots of fuel to spare. I think I can do a 2k orbit maybe even kerbosync. which is what I'm designing for. but if I need to redesign for all internal fuel for the apoapsis burn I'll need to do some engineering. (moar booster! )
  4. Question for OP what would be your opinion on a pair of strap-ons (stop laughing) for circulisation after initial suborbital burnout? This is with the load challenge. also, are their any restrictions on spin stability with sepratrons due to no mods? I'm running strictly basic with my laptop. thanks in advance.
  5. This is a Shuttle concept for the challenge that I am currently working on. Work in progress. (ver 1.1) can take a 45 ton payload to orbit. just working on distance now. can do a landing on the runway though I'm not good at pictures yet. Engines are a series of three S3 KS-25 "Vector" engines, canted to generally pass through the CoM. four Mk55 "thud" engines which align through CoM after tank drop. and a set of twin boar boosters (non-asparagus). seems to work well and after some more testing will post a mission for the first challenge.
  6. I have to say my own stock shuttles look like crap now. using old beast laptop. but this looks awesome, will have to see if the parts pack will tip me over the edge on memory. I already have mechjeb to do flight. As you said, flying a shuttle manually is like strapping a cat to a rocket and calling it a shuttle. nothing is in line for the CoM and thrust vector. All of your control surfaces don't behave proper. Is just frustrating to do manual. props for the design dude!