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  1. So stoked you're updating this mod for 1.1! I'm fairly new to KSP and this mod has been a great and straightforward way for me to experiment with KIS/KAS and to set up small science outposts pretty much everywhere lol.
  2. Thanks! Oops - I forgot to include that bit about the wheels and legs from Zodius in my post - I feel bad that you keep having to mention that haha. I'll keep that in mind about Sequencer as well. EDIT: I'm going through and removing the parts that don't work for now and wanted to make sure I'm deleting the correct ones - GameData > MagicSmokeIndustries > Parts > ReWork_Utility > Probe > Wheels > (all), and then back to Probe > Misc > IR_LandingFoot, and then also the entire Probe > Struts > (all) as well?
  3. @Honeybadga Typically on Twitch you are able to view a channel's past videos just like on YouTube (except that I don't think Twitch uses HTML5 like the awesome sites do lol). However, it can be a bit confusing to figure out how to play those old videos (as of the last time I tried to do so, which was probably 5 months ago or so). @Ziw Dude, this is such an awesome mod! Thanks for all the great work! I do have one question though - So to clarify, in order to get all the "official" parts/functions of this mod, we need to download I-R-2.0.0-Final-Core, Legacy Parts Pack (from the same page), IRSequencer-1.0-beta3, and v02 Model Rework and Expansion? Or am I mistaken?
  4. @Brigadier So I play on OS X and Linux and the hotkey has given me a lot of trouble - and then on occasion it decides that just "F" will be the hotkey, so I've got the FF Hall of Fame window popping up while I'm trying to get Jeb to grab his ship because he felt like the "time until atmospheric impact" timer was for sissies. Anyways, I've played around with this a little bit and it seems to work (disclaimer - I'm not forcing you to do this so if it murders all your kerbals, I'm not responsible). Of course, I wrote this yesterday morning, forgot about it, and now am playing 1.1 lol (w/o this mod, which is very sad). Regarding 1.1 compatibility - I know very little about KSP modding, but maybe someone who does could take a look at the license and see if we could put this up on GitHub and the community can see about making it 1.1 compatible?
  5. Why isn't it a part of the whole USI website? It's fantastic! But if it weren't for some random browsing and luck, I never would have even known this existed.
  6. @inigma I'm really digging that idea. Hope that gets implemented (assuming this wonderful mod doesn't get lost on 1.1) I just started using this mod and I'm loving it. One improvement I'd like to see is to award some of the science ribbons based off either who's part of your staff when unlocking a tech node or maybe who uses the new part first. I'd write it myself but unfortunately I've never used C# and it's taking me a bit to figure it out.
  7. Holy crap yes. I *might* have somewhat of an addictive personality, but this game caused me to replace ALL my other addictions with this. I typically work from home (I'm my own enabler), but I don't know who I'm trying to fool when I've got my code up on one monitor and KSP on the other. There's no work getting done lol.