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  1. i am resuming an old project i had but did not document. it was to make a custom ksp cockpit In Real Life and use it to play the game. there was also a mission control. it wasn't that good. my new version will feature a 2 person cockpit, electronic flight instrument system, switches, and buttons etc. there will be an external mission control as well. i will document all my code and mods that i use so that if any one would like to try and build it them self they can. 1. design phase main switch board images SAS mode light board: Control section Engine control section i'm going to add a fuel pump section that will not let my engines start till the fuel pumps are switched on
  2. @linuxgurugamer i have a suggestion for a future feature which should not be hard to add. when KSP updated to version 1.2. they updated the unity engine to 5.4. unity 5.4 has multi monitor support. it would be cool if you could display different camera views on different monitors. i found this which might help
  3. the web socket does not appear to be working anymore in the latest version. it connects then instantly disconnects
  4. do any of you have any tips for having my raspberry pi displaying the mission planner separate from my ksp game or just an orbit around a body