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  1. Ok I did not know that it had an external plugin and config editor. Nice! I found that when I turn on the plugin it did lag just as bad as the IVA MFD. Then I checked out the config editor, and under Other Configurations: I found Latency Mode: Low. As soon as I put Latency Mode: High, the Plugin lag stopped and it's working perfectly. But then when I switch it IVA and turn on the VV MFD, same lag. Latency Mode: High stopped the lag on the plugin side, is there any way that I can switch it for the MFD as well? Latency Mode: Obscene is even better.
  2. Thanks. I will also try to do more testing to find out at what point this lag starts. At some point I could try to rebuild from the ground up doing testing in between.
  3. idk I tried to put a finger on whats causing it. I thought it could be the procedural wings or parts but I tested it and its not. It only seems to happens with craft over 100 parts. is this normal? I don't think its the number of mods but the number of parts on the craft, or the kind of parts on the craft.
  4. I have a AMD 8350 8 core, gtx 1080, 16g ram using 4k w/ SSD Log: Changing the resolution dose not seem to make it better. It is most likely because I'm running 70+ mods. I searched the log but I did not know what i was looking for. When spawning in a basic pod with VV on it dose not lag but while I'm in my 170 part shuttle it dose lag. Could it be because I have parts clipping inside other parts? e.g. landing gear, food&water tanks ect. Database:
  5. Is it normal for it to lag when I switch on vessel viewer? Any time I activate it on the MFD, my IVA starts lagging like crazy. When I turn it off on the MFD, the lag stops. Any ideas? I'm running in 4k
  6. Do you know if this can be fixed? Its saying "#ffffoo" everywhere.
  7. So this will fix my arm from tweaking out while in time warp? I will test.
  8. Anyone know if this will work in ksp 1.2.1?
  9. Thank you so much for doing this for the community
  10. @Galileo. Will this mod be compatible with the Outer Planets Mod? I remember using Sigma addons with OPM a few versions back.
  11. Result I did it step by step I don't understand why because I put everything to 1% nothing is at 0% Why do I need that extra blank layer? (#3)
  12. Ok so to recap Starting from the beginning? I'm somewhat confused. #1. I take the Cormorant Aeronology texture and make all but the windows 1% #2. Make a new layer on top of the window texture and paste an unedited texture and set to 1% #3. Make a new blank layer under #2 #4 Merge #2 on top of #3 #5 Save with Flatten
  13. When you say 1% transparency, my slider is 0-255 dose that mean I do 2.55?