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  1. Can you make a version for ksp 1.1.3 because i really want to land there :D!
  2. Im not using mods and its not the shielded docking port its all of them !
  3. I got this issue whit 1.1.3 whit a apollo mission it only shows disable crossfeed or set as target on both docking ports !
  4. Will this ever get to 1.1.3 because i really want to go to mars whit my low end computer!
  5. I did it does not work.
  6. i am trying to install it but where do i need to put this stuff ?
  7. When i want to launch the saturn V it just goes everywhere and explode's what can i do ?
  8. Cool thank's it looks very cool i will give it a try !
  9. This might be your best bet... Yes i tried it i used it very long but i got tired of it i think i am just going to use smurff thanks for the info !
  10. Yes i want to use a craft from the vab because i am a bit lazy sometimes and i build lots of rockets but they got deleted by the updates and also can i use mechjeb??
  11. Is there a good mod that allows just stock parts to get into a nice orbit or even bring me to te moon not SMURFF it does not work good enough for me i just want to use the stock rockets and fuel tanks to get me too the mun i also do not want to use realism overhaul it crashes and its way too complex for me.
  12. did not work nevermind i found itr
  13. So there are different parts in the forlder agencies apollo flags fx gemini2 icbm mercury misc plugins probes props resources sounds spaces wich one has the command pod for the apoll??
  14. Thank you very much i love this mod i just landed on the moon yes moon i use stock size real solar system i hate consuming rcs thanks!
  15. I think i rather have a download link because im not a computer expert
  16. So i have been trying myself but i have no clue how to bring the atmosphere down to 69 any tutorial's or something because i always get my craft in a 75 km orbit.
  17. The atmosphere is still 98 km can you fix that please ?
  18. THAAAANKS IT WOOOOORKS !!!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUU (not in the weird way)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. it does not work for me it just stops loading when the menu is about to show up any tutorial? and what does 1.0.9 mean its 1.1.2 right ?
  20. Can you add this mod to ckan?? i can't really do the downloading as perfect
  21. Hello again so i got a second computer that i sometimes use all newer versions on it are s**t so does this work for ksp 1.0 thank you (please quote)
  22. After messing whit wine and stuff i got it to work sorry for your hard work it is a bit wonky but it works!
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