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  1. It's just a joke, I guess you meant "hooks" instead of...
  2. Yep, I was in a hurry and couldn't argue. If he just needs to rotate a camera, that mod has a... rotating camera.
  3. Hello everyone, This is a topic to let people share their own favorite science/space information sites. I start with a couple of pretty obvious ones: http://www.space.com http://spacenews.com
  4. The argument "software companies/developers need to sell their product in order to survive" is kind of trite for me: generating an income is a standard in everyone's life and I guess most of the people who worries about DLCs/expansion packs are not arguing that. The worries are about the community born around KSP and the fear to see it declining for a (supposed) increased "greed" of the creator of the game. And the fear that, after the community, the game itself starts to decline... It already happened in the past so those fears are well-founded ones. On the other hand, Squad managed until now the coexistence of the "souls" of KSP, profit and community, so as far as I know, there are no elements to say "something's changed" and I trust Squad's wise and experience in keeping the things the way they are. Sorry for my English.
  5. IMHO they should integrate mods as DLCs deeper in the game (in-game installation), release them only when stable for a reasonable price and divide earnings with developers. If the developer wants to keep his mod free, no in game installation and no Squad support. Could it work?
  6. I get your worries too but don't have magic solutions... And yes, DLCs don't automatically kill games but they still are a big change, particularly for a game like KSP. Future of KSP is a huge question for Squad and I really really hope they make the right decisions. It's not a matter of paying some bucks more for KSP but to make it literally the best game in the world and we already know it is.
  7. So your opinion is that KSP should make kind of a revolution, shutting down moddability and releasing a monolithics version of the game with charged DLCs in order to make the game more sustainable in the long term, right? I don't agree with this opinion as there are no evidences this is the right way to help this awesome piece of code. Sometimes the community is the stronger factor in the long term.
  8. I guess he's trying to point out KSP have been developed until now in a "community environment". DLCs are quite in the opposite direction, that's why people is worrying about them.
  9. In my experience, Mun has been really helpful in asteroid redirection scenario: I could use it to lower the orbit and save time with annoying aerobrakes. For example, last time I did that, I managed to lower the orbit from an aphelion of 75Mkm to one at the same height of Mun orbit in just one flyby.
  10. Hello penguins! don't know if it has been asked but... since 1.1.0 came out I'm experiencing some weird problems with texture/rendering. I run KSP on my laptop acer travelmate (i915 chipset) with 8GB RAM and ubuntu 14.04. Usually I play a modded installation of KSP but I tested the stock one and the issues are still there. As you can see in the pictures there's sometingh strange in the VAB and the SPH (very annoying...). Then I discovered that asteroids look like black holes... Suggestions?
  11. Yes, maybe it could fit in the administration building with stats for each ship like total mass, total cost, etc
  12. It would work that too, maybe it's even better because you'd also know that dotted orbit won't be your real orbit...
  13. Yes, it definitely would! Unfortunately 1.1.x didn't take your suggestion into account, new button does not toggle selection.