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  1. Oh I see :/ I'll be checking for Fasa updates in the future then. Will it be fixed soon or will it take a while? Thanks!
  2. I'm using Fasa's mod for making the apollo mission and realism overhaul. Everything works except for one thing that drives me crazy and I can't find any solution on the internet. The problem is with the decoupler that conceals the lunar lander. When I decouple it everything starts going crazy and the craft explodes. So I tried to put another decoupler under it to make it float away from the rest of the craft and decouple that concealer later. Still the same thing. Everything starts going crazy! I'll add some images to demonstrate. Please can someone tell me whats going on and how I can s
  3. I got it to work finally I also deleted some parts to make it easier, thanks!
  4. I tried this mod but the delta V was even lower than Fasa's mod :/
  5. I've been searching EVERYWHERE for a real apollo mod. I've found fasa's mod which have all the parts to build one. However, it seems to be to small for the real solar system mod? I've watched all videos and tutorials and done exactly the same when flying but I don't have enough fuel to get to the moon. I get about 9119 Delta V from the fasa rocket. How can I make a realistic saturn V rocket that can get to the moon and back? Please help.
  6. Hi! I've been having some issues with the parachute for FASA's Apollo parts for some time now and it really annoys me. The chute is always fully opened when I add the part and during the whole flight. I'll add a picture. The chute always stays exactly the same as in the picture during the whole flights. How do I solve this?
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