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  1. Update: Full size one did change, guessing it's intentionally coded to have the small one give sub-full data lol!
  2. Hello everyone! Been getting back into KSP after a few years of hiatus and started running on the latest version with this mod installed! One thing that i normally do just for personal preference is max out the science collection rate, meaning i get 100% of the value the first time i do the experiment and dont need to repeatedly transmit a pressure reading as an example. I tried to manually edit my mod files to reflect this, but i was unable to eliminate the penalty. I changed the base value to match the science cap in the experiment definition, and havent been able to find any other place this is edited. Was hoping someone could point me towards the correct value! EDIT: Specific thing i was messing with was the space telescope, but adjusting it for the chemcam would help too lol!
  3. I've been having some weirdness with the outer belt on gas giants. It seems to extend all the way down to the surface instead of being a belt, making objects like Vall nearly impossible to visit. I dont remember it doing this in the past. Went through gamedata and it still acts weird even with no planet mods installed.
  4. Is there a spreadsheet for what experiments work where? its a bit overwhelming XD
  5. Hi! I finally got a good enough PC to get this to run and holy crap its amazing! however when looking around i noticed there was no support for OPM bodies, and looking online i couldnt find anyone who had built a patch for it yet. is there a patch between the two or do i need to build custom configs for it myself?
  6. (Backport so low priority if its a bug) The habitation ring does not inflate or activate. the only button on it is habitation, which stays disabled no matter what. am i doing something stupid? the ... option seems to do nothing as well. https://imgur.com/a/QIDXVEz EDIT: I can enable it VIA save game editing, so it looks like just the buttons are broken right now. EDIT2: fixed on latest (thx PiezPiedPy)
  7. interestingly enough, everything except the recruit button on the university appears to work on 1.3.1 despite being built for 1.4.5 (dont ask why im running new mods on old versions im desperate :P). is the recruit button off for 1.4 as well?
  8. actually the only thing the game looks at is the line referenceBody. everything else remains the same and no hard math is needed . also good luck with your super jool mission
  9. out of curiosity, why does KSS take so much ram? i can install 20-30 other planet packs with no issues other than load time but KSS warns about overuse of ram. is this just high resolution textures? or lots of PQS mods? or something else?
  10. Saru Planet Pack (requirement) has had its spacedock page go missing. i found a version on an archive that works properly which is here in case anyone needs it. Link (google drive, download button is at the top) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1go1d8mCNXRzKaTZt3S8fQr1YMiPFo5sv
  11. Yeah. Saturn color as in eyeball IRL picture color or as in similar to sarnus from OPM?
  12. A small Cosmetic mod that adds a green ring system around kerbin. it works with any planet pack that does not put rings around kerbin. Curse: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/kerbin-rings Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1663/Kerbin Rings Requires ModuleManager: Requires Kopernicus: Liscensed as Public Domain.
  13. i reset it by selecting the craft with hyperedit once its unloaded, and putting back in the old semi major axis value.
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