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  1. When I use the AA code in my script the flight controls don't move. Are we supposed to open the AA control panel in order for the scripted AA to work? edit: I figured out the problem, Atmosphere Autopilot does not engage when the plane is on the ground, so I had to just give it a slight increase in pitch for 2 seconds to get it in the air, then the AA took over and went to the altitude I wanted.
  2. Can you provide a sample script that cruises the plane to a specific altitude? I tried adding this to my script: set addons:aa:altitude to startingAltitude. set addons:aa:cruise to true. but it doesn't work for me. What am I missing?
  3. I downloaded ckan.exe v1.28.0 and put it on my Desktop, but when I try to run it I get this error: What could be the problem?
  4. Yep, it was a problem in my script, I was resetting "goalPitch" to .7 every time in the loop .
  5. I'm trying to control the pitch of my plane with kOS, and am running into trouble when trying to change the pitch via user input to the terminal while the script is running. First I lock the steering to the "goalPitch" variable: SET goalPitch TO 0.7. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90, goalPitch). Later on in the script I'm trying to change the "goalPitch" by pressing keyboard buttons into the terminal. Here is what I tried to achieve this: SET tuneRatio TO 1.1. IF TERMINAL:INPUT:HASCHAR() { set inputChar to TERMINAL:INPUT:GETCHAR(). IF inputChar = "7" { SET goalPitch
  6. Is there a way to use Atmosphere AutoPilot with kOS to script flying at different altitudes?
  7. When I press J I see that the "Offset" setting only goes up to 10. I want to make a plane with a very large wingspan, and where the wing tips go WAY behind the back of the plane.
  8. I've attached fuel tanks around a central core on my ship in hexagonal, radial symmetry mode. Now I want to attach two wings to the sides of the ship in mirrored symmetry mode. What I tried was switching to mirrored mode by pressing R, and then trying to attach the wings to the sides of the fuel tanks, but the symmetry mode automatically switches to hexagonal and radial. How can I prevent the symmetry mode from automatically switching to hexagonal and radial in this case?
  9. Yes, I see now that the air density is slightly changing. Over the South Pole the density was greatest, and the speed was highest, which makes sense since cold air is denser than warm air.
  10. If we have a plane that is cruising around the world at a specific altitude, at max thrust, and with infinite propellant turned on, would it be normal for its cruise speed to change depending on where it is? I'm observing that the cruise speed does change, so maybe something like the Coriolis force, or maybe the air temperature, is affecting it somehow?
  11. I wasn't using autostruts, and when I turned it on my craft became much sturdier. My main issue was sometimes my plane would blow up on the runway from the slightest bump.
  12. I tried autostrutting every part to Root, Heaviest, and Grandparent and the carrier plane still blew up on separation.
  13. Here's what I have now. The carrier plane is the one on the bottom, and blows up instantly on separation.
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