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  1. Nice! But will Europa (or has) get Mount Zeus? (The huge piece of Jupiter's core that got lodged into the moon)
  2. Does this work with further versions of KSP? And do the PQSmods show up in the Kittopia editor?
  3. Same 4 some reason, today I dreamt of a Fortnite dlc with dinosaurs and mountains
  4. Today I had a really weird dream At first I was at the school eating lunch at the cafeteria but no one was there. Then I boarded a spaceship into a city on an asteroid that looked a lot like the Soho neighborhood in London with many strange, colorful (and perverted) shops. I chilled there until a voice said the meteor was going 2 crash into the sun. Many people left but I wanted to enjoy until the last moment, so I wandered the streets, a steppe in the edge of the city, and a part of the city that looked like a balnearium while the sun grew large in the sky until I hitched a ride in a shi
  5. Granted. They’re spoiled, you eat them anyway, you get poisoned and you need a complete colonoscopy. I wish 4 more people to play Meteos
  6. https://www.google.es/amp/s/delcamp.cat/amp/meteodelcampcat/cau-forta-tempesta-calamarsa-camp-tarragona It may be in another language but you only need 2 look at the picture. We have been getting lotsa of rain and frosted dew last week (weird in Spain) , and it snowed at 28m over sea level inland and hail in the seashore blocking some roads, with temperatures reaching minus 0 C° near the sea at night and even colder in the countryside, with -15 C° in the mountains at noon. We might have had a warm January but winter nor climate change has not forgotten about us. And we Spaniards
  7. A unicorn plows through you, impaling you body and stealing the cookies The gore unicorn’s cookie(s)
  8. Nope! But I’ll pass the word: @dundun92
  9. Stop scooping up the cold, humid weather! We only had a centimeter of snow in twenty years, and this winter we almost had no rain! We’re currently at 16° Celsius, when we should be at 12°! Stupid global warming, messing the weather up.
  10. It’s only January in Spain and we r already getting temperatures over 20° C. Aaaand we’re in the middle of a drought. What a wonderful winter! (Sarcastically)
  11. A bird eats the cookie and it comes 2 me, where I kill the bird and eat him and the cookie in the bird. My cookie
  12. I thought that the dream journals were fake or placebo such as homeopathy. But if someone here has tried it and it worked, I guess I’ll give it a try. Wish me luck!
  13. Today I had a dream about playing with C4s in my school, burning a tree, and going 2 a mall 2 buy books and see the whales in a giant tank. Pretty sure Kracko from Kirby, Jebediah, and Captain Ahab riding Moby Dick in the tank also made an appearance sometime. Weird. I liked the C4 part >:-D
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