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  1. Three words story! - New compilation..Again!

    With Kraken blood
  2. King of the Hill

    I flood the crater with all the dwarfs in it using the ice on the surface of the planet, including the volcano, which heats the ocean to allow liquid water to exist. I colonise the sea with Gungen style cities. Long live the Underwater Kingdom of The Hill!!
  3. Create A Ridiculous Building

    ...on the Sun The building is a tower...
  4. King of the Hill

    I flatten the planet with many Hbombs until the ocean remains, and I suck the atmosphere into the many giant caverns that I carve into the earth and flood them partially, turning the planet into an Europa clone, and making a civilization in a hill in an ocean in one of the many caves in a Sunless Sea style. My dark, underground and civilized hill
  5. King of the Hill

    Some skeletons set camp in the ENRH and since they’re dead, they are not affected by the radiation. They proceed to replace the abandoned government with one of their own, and dance to set their territory The Dancin’ Skellies Republic or the Hill
  6. One Word Story: It Just Won't Die!

  7. Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, but when you use the salts they make you espontaniously combust. I wish to become 4 Dimensional
  8. A beginner's guide to Kopernicus - The basics

    I'm making planets in Kittopia and Kopernicus but to make the planet right, I have to "update mesh" everytime because if not, landmasses similar to the planet template (in this case, Laythe) bulge from the planet viewing through space. Is there a way to make the game update the mesh (whatever is it) automatically?
  9. [1.2.X] [Kopernicus] Planet Cyran

    Just delete the config file of Dres in gamedata and it would still be the normal Dres (It won't orbit Cyran though) And by the way, @The White Guardian, I'm doing a small mod about planets but I can't seem to manage (Everytime I try to make an ocean and land the game crashes) and I ask if I could use part of your mod configs to help me (OF COURSE THE PLANETS WON'T BE COPIED and all the credit will go to you). Could you please? Thanks.
  10. Weather Chat Megathread

    We finally got some cold in the Catalonian Republic/Spain (depending on your opinion) after Ophelia plowed through Europe. We did not get the worst of it but in an hour 1/8 of the trees in my city we’re on the ground. But that’s kind of old news so today we actually have a chilly Castanyada (the catalan halloween but with chestnuts) with 15-20°C. The days are shortening and the fall equinox is gone so we should begin to close on 10 Celsius by Christmas or the end of November (This year has been pretty stupid) near the sea and (hopefully) snow on the mountains. Preferably, at the beginning of December.
  11. Making planets with Kopernicus: video guides

    How do you make watermains work?
  12. A beginner's guide to Kopernicus - The basics

    How can you control the ocean's altitude?
  13. A beginner's guide to Kopernicus - The basics

    One question, what is de code to add custom oceans? If someone has a way to make lava seas, please tell, I need it for a mod I'm working on. Thanks
  14. Weather Chat Megathread

    Especially in Catalunya, were we have swampland (Ebro delta) , low mountains (Litoral Range), cliffside (Costa Brava), calm beaches (Costa Daurada), desert (Plana de Lleida) Flatland and rolling hills (Central Depression) and high mountains (Pyrynees), with wild temperature, weather and humidity difference depending on the location. And for some reason anticyclones and African wind seem to like Catalunya, contributing to a hot, sunny and dry weather, but bringing mud when it rains. Sierra Nevada? The mountains are quite high and Andalucía in general is really hot so it may happen from time to time. You can see this phenomenom in the Cantabrian Range in the Northern Coast, which is like a warmer and steppy France; but not at 25 ºC in the North
  15. Weather Chat Megathread

    I live in Europe too, but in the south, so I get the opposite. Long droughs, thunderstorms, 3 digits in some areas in summer, high ultraviolet radiation, short sleeve T-shirts from April to November, not reaching 10 Celsius even in early January and, because of the heat, even jellyfish blooms, making beach time more annoying than fun. If we had deciduous trees they would keep leaves a long time. But when winter strikes in the mountains, a meter of snow in just two days. Spain is weird. We even have mud rain.