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  1. A beginner's guide to Kopernicus - The basics

    One question, what is de code to add custom oceans? If someone has a way to make lava seas, please tell, I need it for a mod I'm working on. Thanks
  2. Weather Chat Megathread

    Especially in Catalunya, were we have swampland (Ebro delta) , low mountains (Litoral Range), cliffside (Costa Brava), calm beaches (Costa Daurada), desert (Plana de Lleida) Flatland and rolling hills (Central Depression) and high mountains (Pyrynees), with wild temperature, weather and humidity difference depending on the location. And for some reason anticyclones and African wind seem to like Catalunya, contributing to a hot, sunny and dry weather, but bringing mud when it rains. Sierra Nevada? The mountains are quite high and Andalucía in general is really hot so it may happen from time to time. You can see this phenomenom in the Cantabrian Range in the Northern Coast, which is like a warmer and steppy France; but not at 25 ºC in the North
  3. Weather Chat Megathread

    I live in Europe too, but in the south, so I get the opposite. Long droughs, thunderstorms, 3 digits in some areas in summer, high ultraviolet radiation, short sleeve T-shirts from April to November, not reaching 10 Celsius even in early January and, because of the heat, even jellyfish blooms, making beach time more annoying than fun. If we had deciduous trees they would keep leaves a long time. But when winter strikes in the mountains, a meter of snow in just two days. Spain is weird. We even have mud rain.
  4. Weather Chat Megathread

    At least a summer thunderstorm every 2 years. Many blizzards (once caught me while I was skiing) 9 months without rain of any sort some time ago (Depending on where you live, Spain can be really dry or really cold, or both) I was outside and hail got me. Twice I left from my grandma's house during a thunderstorm. Lightning struck at a tree right after I left. No hurriacanes nor "true" tornados (we can have some dust devils and watersprouts that necer reach the ground) Mud rains (Yeah, hot wind from the Sahara brings sand that falls with rain, literraly raining mud, a carwasher's dream) Not experienced by me, but my father told me that in the mountains it rained frogs 0_0 Weeeird
  5. A beginner's guide to Kopernicus - The basics

    Is there a way to make a small planetoid with really tall spikes on the surface? Or you just have to mess around with the deformation?
  6. The whole solar system! [drawings] [You can participate]

    YES! Exoplanets! Really, REALLY great job!
  7. So, we got the save. How do we get the ships? There's only a dock on Vall and some ships but no more. How do we get this working? I can't seem to post mine on the KerbalX hangar. And do we have to make the dock ourselves? Sorry for asking many questions, I'm still a rookie
  8. But if you somehow could make a very improbable pressaure ressistant vessel, let it splash on an ocean of (liquid hydrogen? Helium? Whatever's in there) before exploding because of the temperature drop and the ultimate fate of imploding ON THE SURFACE.
  9. Sooo, what do we do know, we use the forum to the war or what? I'm so confused...
  10. Once the ship is published, how do we get it into the hangar?
  11. How is tonelage represented? If it says 89.180, it Is 89 tones or 89 thousand tones?
  12. Already got 2 big ships (under 500 ton limit I think), a small saboteur, and the most small deadly weapon ever existed, calpable of hypnotising an entire planet! I'm ready when war begins.
  13. Maybe, but at that time I'll be nighty night or at school. I'll set up things before that time.
  14. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Today nothing but some years before, in class, the local inteligent boy was commenting something when the local popular girl said: "This guy's a nerd" Then the teacher said "Do not talk like that to him! He might be your boss someday." But then the kid answered to the teacher. "It's not probable, I think I wont have a (place where people offer plesaure if you know what I mean) business" Everyone just stared, laughed and clapped at the guy.
  15. Wait, where do the ships begin, on the surface of Kerbin? On space? Or on the surface of an airless and low g planet?