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  1. Today I started a new science-mode save, done a few smaller flights, then headed to Minmus... And a bit to the Mun as well Got about 1500 units of science from the endevour
  2. You're a damn genius! We use vnc at the workplace all the time, but I never thought about it...
  3. I side with @million_lights in this topic. Maybe it's something Unity-related. That would explain the same issues with the other games on Steam. It could also be a false positive virus definition. VirusTotal comes out clean, ergo Kaspersky, Norton, all the big anti-virus databases comes out clean. Only Microsoft had problem with it. Either everyone's wrong and Microsoft is right, or Microsoft is wrong and everyone else is right. I didn't read the full EULA yet, but think about it, what would TT/SQUAD gain from a trojan in their game? Collect telemetry at most, so they can optimize the game better? This is a trusted program we're talking about, not some shady software from a no-name site. At any case, I don't say that we should throw all caution out the window, but we shouldn't grab the torches and pitchforks just yet. One should think about the risk one's willing to take. I see your point of view @Wrench Head, and I would do the same if KSP came from a shady site.
  4. It seems like the guys over Github are experiencing the same with their stuff... @Wrench Head I don't think that Take Two would turn our PC-s into a botnet, or just spy on us. I trust the devs at Squad, this is just an another bug in the system. A false positive, as many said before me... At any case, you do you. If you want to revert to an older version, have fun with it, and thanks for sharing your opinion with us.
  5. That must be the most Kerbal way to play KSP Wait... A Kerbal OS for PC?
  6. @Squelch @million_lights Thanks for the quick response! Edit: Well... I updated the virus definitions, checked the version number, restarted th PC, deleted and re-installed KSP... Still got the issue I have version 1.263.585.0 on Defender and still finds something fishy with the file. I'll check it again on and if it gets back clean again, I'll ignore the issue. I can work around the quaranteen... Thank you all for the help!
  7. @million_lights I'm about to do the virus check on the site. Thanks for the link. Edit: SHA-256 1e9581f1fd73b33f8882dd0ac505736a7dfc0a96283a99755919e5f3004e0bfa According to the site above on the "Details" page, the file is not signed. Maybe that's what triggers the Defender? It came out all clear tho... I hope it'll help.
  8. Hi! Yesterday I bought the Making History EXPack, and KSP also updated itself for 1.4.1. I had fun with it for a while then today I got a warning from the Win. Defender. It found "Trojan:Win32/Critet.BS" in one of the files under KSP: "E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\downloading\220200\KSP_x64_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll" Have any of you experienced something similar? I got the game from Steam, deleted all the mods prior the intall, but it seems like the "trojan" came with the game. I know what a trojan is supposed to do, but I don't really believe what the Defender says at this point...
  9. The tale of Fox Mk1 (aka the Butterbread SSTO) *Wanted to try out a new design. *Realised it might work but it's ugly as hell *Built anyway, tested in flight, suprisingly stable an powerful *More fiddling with CoM... *Reached orbit with enough fuel to get home *Currently working on Mk2, still in disbelief...
  10. The tail did stick out, but the wings were at water-level. The nose-winglets were even submerged... Maybe it's the fact, that it can take-off at around 35 m/s... Hell if I know...
  11. Today I accidentally made a water-takeoff-capable airplane... All the previous, purpose-built attempts sticked to the water like it's glue, but the dual-Juno powered low-speed and altitude, "why the hell not" design took off from water... Multiple times...
  12. That looks epic... What is this mod again?
  13. Wow, It's good to be back... After a serious computer-crash I've finally re-installed KSP, and went to the Mun Apollo-style... ...and managed to destroy the engine on landing... So I sent a rescue-probe with two seats so Val and Bob can reach LMO to meet with Jeb and get home. "I can can do a proper landing..." thought to myself and sent Jeb back on a one-man mission Apollo-style again. This time sticked the landing, planted the flag and left without much trouble... Then I realised I'm off to the command-craft by 50° anti-normal and just ran out of fuel in LMO... "flip!... I still have monoprop tho..." After some serious orbit tweeking I got close enough to the command craft to reach it via EVA. Moral of the story: never expect a mission to run smoothly
  14. Next to the copy bar you can see an arrow down. "Get share links" is what you're looking for. It'll bring up the old links. I usually use the BB code
  15. Yeah, the guy mentioned in the video...