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  1. True. There's a configurable The procedural engine mount part already exists. It is pretty unempressive though - just a flat slab. So what I do is mount an "inverted cone" below it with a gold texture. I then mount the main engine at the end of the cone. If want to add smaller "gimbal engines" around the main engine, I then mount cylindrical procedural parts (same gold texture) on top of the other nodes. I then resize it to match the smaller engines, and I mount the smaller engines on top of it.
  2. Thanks. That's what I'm trying to do now. There are just some parts I need on this pack for my RSS KSP run. Hopefully I can get them to work. There are just not much better alternatives. If I were playing stock, I'd use the Tantares, TantaresLV, Contares. Thanks for the answer! Such a shame really. These batches of mods look real nice. Not sure how much work is needed to get them updated to 1.1... I'm guessing it's too much. Cheers to the creator/s of this mod. Years have passed, and this is still alive, even after being "abandoned".
  3. This is the first time I'll be posting in this forums, as I was contented just lurking around. However, I really like this mod... the detail is just so much better than the alternatives I've found so far. I can't get the parts to snap properly. I hope someone can point me to how to look for answers, so I can fix it myself. Thank you!