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  1. Good afternoon ShotgunNinja I really like the look of kerbalism. I would like to know is your mod compatible with USI Kolonization or the other USI mods by Roverdude? Many thanks :-)
  2. Yeah think I will leave him a post thank you SM if you end up downloading the mod be sure to let me know what you think of it :-)
  3. I am soon to start a fresh game on 1.1 I have recently downloaded MKS lite also Usi lifesupport for the first time. I have discovered a mod called kerbalism that appears to be a semi/realistic overhaul that I really want to try out, I was hoping for feedback from other players in regards to the compatibility of kerbalism with other mods mainly USI lite and other mods by Roverdude. Also any general discussion about the kerbalism mod ,what's it like? what are people's opinions of the mod? would also be welcome :-)
  4. Just starting a fresh game on ksp 1.1 downloaded MKS lite for the first time. I have also downloaded usi lifesupport in replacement for tac life as that seems to be discontinued for now,I was wondering if the toggle death function has been added to usi life support or is that a future plan? Again great mods :-)
  5. I would like to see more geographical locations to explore on already existing planets + moons also unique features for each planet also a new texture update for duna etc.
  6. I dont think its off topic. like the idea of buying multiple property's in career mode haveing them linked too reputation and more missions sounds good . I guess building that into the stock game paves the way for multi player After all it adds that bit more .
  7. Lol haha ☺ I know it sounds silly considering you have the much larger runway next door,perhaps the reason should be just because you can or so you have an extra option ?I mean it may as well be functional and more interactive is surely a good thing right?
  8. Should there be an option in career mode to buy the island runway? Perhaps not necessarily upgrading it like with the space centre but being able to fly and build aircraft from there to? I know that the space centre is right next door but it could be fun and add a bit of choice? ☺ Would be nice to see options for multiple space centre sites to. would it be that difficult to implement?I'm not a programer. .
  9. Yeah will keep my fingers crossed anything that will increase ingame immersion is a bonus,I really like the new external IVA view and I also believe I saw on a video of a new fishing animation on ksp???... or maybe I was dreaming lol
  10. Would be great to see more features on the planets surfaces like duna could have a feature like Olympus mons or sharp rocks that could blow the tire on your rover, liquid water traces in the mountains, dusts devils and storms that could affect your base on lander etc minmus could have ice glaciers to explore think there needs to be a new texture pack after squad have finished with 1.1 the planets just seem a bit... bland?
  11. Would just like to thank squad for their excellent work ☺ can't wait to play the full release of ksp. However I would like to ask if squad have any plans to upgrade the graphics on planet surfaces like duna etc and add more unique geographical futures to explore?simmiler to what they have done with mun and kerbin.i understand they were restricted by the old unity engine and 32 bit before. Again love your work ☺
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