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  1. 1- a magical symmetry button in the top of the inflight part menu. (right by the close menu button) This magical button, when clicked, will apply changes to any other part in symmetry with the selected one. IE if click this button on the menu for a solar panel and hit "deploy solar panel" it will deploy the solar panels of all other solar arrays placed in symmetry with that part. This would make repetitive tasks much faster, and not cover your screen with part menus when trying to transfer fuel from a ring of 16 tanks. 2- speaking of part menus, please have a way to make them popup away from the center of the screen, blocking the ability to select other things as needed. 3- at least one aerodynamic nosecone that can be used as a heatshield. (a REAL heatshield, IE ablator, and the ability to aerobrake from eloo in one go.) 4- help me get my old account back :(
  2. So is there an exact time of day when I can throw my money at squad or do I have to keep hitting refresh?
  3. hhmmmmmm I assume they can turn +/- 90 degrees from the center position? And can we decide what position the start/stop/spawn in? a few ideas on what to make so far: crew-dragon style docking port caps (we still need a reentry rated nose cone!) Deployable wings for those refueling tankers and return boosters real landing gear for giant full size rockets Deployable rover wheels (from upside-down cargo bays especially) Tank treads if they are durable enough. Paddleboats/riverboats...
  4. Any time you burn fuel and that exhaust goes anywhere but straight back, you lose efficiency. When your exhaust plume doesnt match the size of your engine nozzle, some of your energy goes into creating turbulence around the outer edges of the nozzle, (over expansion) or simply pushing ambient air farther to the side (underexpansion). So you can gain a bit of efficiency when you can match your expansion ratio to the ambient air pressure... but at what cost? It costs money, reliabilty and weight to add adjustable engine nozzles, so unless you are gonna be hanging around at alot of different altitudes instead of passing though, its usually better to just have a nice, cheap eliable, lightweight fixed nozzle optimized for the situation you are going to spend the most time in. As for damage, its a much more hospitable environment in a jet engine exhaust nozzle than a rocket engine nozzle. One you can be near with earprotection and be fine, the other will beat you to death with a constant stream of shockwaves ("sound") at over twice the distance. Rockets are VERY violent. Listen to it loud enough to where you can hear people talking at the beginning but keep your hand on the volume slider.
  5. Without gravity, gforce is whatever you want it to be. with nothing to pull you into denser atmosphere, you can use aerodynamics to choose to either stay in upper atmosphere slowly bleeding speed and "flying" downwards to keep from leaving to atmosphere. or you can use aero forces to pull yourself into a deeper-than-ballistic and get higher Gs. Keep in mind you gotta suffer the Gs of changing your path though, so if you are going straight towards a planet at 2km/s you gotta do a turn at 2km/s, and thats gona leave a mark (or a fleshy puddle)
  6. Jet engines have supersonic exhaust as well, excluding turbofans. (partialy) What jet engines get out of their nozzles being able to expand or contract is an efficient expansion ratio at a wide variety of altitudes. Like a low expansion nozzle being able to become a high expansion nozzle. Rocket engineers WISH they could do this on rockets, but the mechanism that accomplishes this is prohibitively heavy when scaled up to operates at the stress and temperature levels in rocket engines. They do however come up with other ways to get similar effects on some engine designs. Most commercial airliners skip this entirely when they can, simply optimizing for a given altitude and speed to save fuel (money) and making the rest of the required flight envelope "good enough to get by". Where this is usually seen is in military aircraft, where you need to be able to perform a well at whatever altitude/speed the situation requires you to be.
  7. Ah ok, didnt know it bled off there though, figured you would want o2 bleed to be far away from senstive stuff as possible... and in typing this i realize they wanted to keep it from the all important payload... go figure.
  8. Whats with the "ice" buildup on the 2nd stage st T+ 44:50?? Havnt seen that before. And yes I know its not h2o ice.
  9. OOOOOOOh texture switching and if I remember right... model switching as well.... This is going to be glorious! EDIT: Is there going to be a prepurchase for the expansion? This is about the only game I wouldn't mind paying ahead of time, considering the endless hours I've enjoyed it.
  10. With each update im starting to wonder how much modders could do with the ability to add object and or resources and perhaps kerbals to the surfaces of celestial bodies. Perhapse it could enable a mini campaign of sorts. For example: Gather discover enough of X objects found to be fuel sources on celestial bodies to allow kerbals the power to return to their true homeworld, and escape from the terraformed colony world of Kerbin... maybe even get rewarded with a new star system to explore? if you could only procedurally generate star systems with these objects on them, you could explore endlessly... and I do mean explore endlessly. (anyone been to system seeded 3a423666d62bee6f6891 yet?) That IMO would be my biggest dream for a KSP endgame. Can missions be linked together like this or is it limited to a singe instance launch and go for the win?
  11. Id like to pre-complain then, as I like the extra room XD In fact, why not ask for the best of both worlds? Just make it have a few structural rods supporting a disk, much like the 1.25m fairing with a truss structure holding up a 0.625m payload mount. This way there's plenty of room for cargo etc and people can imagine kerbals crawling through the space if they want. But wait. Isnt this part made redundant by fairings if its doors aren't reusable/ retractable?
  12. Indeed, I Agree, but I'm still wishing it had a retractable version instead of the throw-away doors. I understand KSP wouldnt allow surface attachment to the door if so, but I think it would be worth it... IF it has good heat tolerance. But either way MH is looking like a good bit of fun
  13. Glorious! I like the idea of the multiple tank interface types. Anyone seen anything about existing engines getting anything like this?
  14. Wooo! Thank you squad! Hopefully once you guys put out enough fires you guys can get a much deserved vacation!
  15. Hey I've been using your mod ever since Idiscovered it and just wanted to say thanks for all the work you put into it!