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  1. Light Comendus pod MRK-III

    I have chosen to update unity to unity 5 to hopefully fix my dreaded I.V.A problem. Last attempt before give up on 1.5 version
  2. rocket engines... Cannon rocket engines

  3. JoolTube: Star Destroyer!

    What a light show wait my glasses there much better
  4. Light Comendus pod MRK-III

    If anyone wants to know if my mod has been forgotten it has not just been busy
  5. This topic is brilliant thank CaptainKipard
  6. Light Comendus pod MRK-III

    Due to other projects the 1.5 version of Light Comendus pod MRK-III will be postponed until further notice sorry for the inconvenience thank you.
  7. FanWork Friday: Jeb at the grocery store!

    yyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm ice rocket lollies
  8. Round Kerbin Chalenge

    Sorry about the delay on the round kerbin challenge I have been busy with other projects I will get back to the challenge in the future.
  9. Devnote Tuesday: Many hands make light work!

    Very impresive work thank you Sqaud.
  10. Round Kerbin Chalenge

    Behold the harpy T4X. I did slight adjustments 1 less landing gear better engine and less intakes. this will be another aircraft already on the custom save when we work out how to get it done. heads up we just need to place the deafult track if we can it will be tommorow thank you for your patients.
  11. Round Kerbin Chalenge

    It would be brilliant if you do this challenge and post your progress and images here. Gam and myself are going to name the custom mallard the checkpoint placment vehicle, you'll find it in the stock vehicle's just in case you want to make your own custom track. Good luck!!!. I've just thought of my new entry for the challenge it is called the Harpy T4X
  12. Round Kerbin Chalenge

    Final position from team Tau. Will i make it. Well this is it for team Tau halfway mark, And 3/4 to CheckpointV. This Challenge was a blast. Will do this challenge again it was brilliant especialy as i'm not much of an aircraft designer views were great. Finally I will still keep up to date to see how Gam does, well I have already got a new design planed to start again shortly thank you for following this challenge everyone.
  13. Round Kerbin Chalenge

    We made it to Checkpoint IV Gam is infront I might be out might chance it.. Soon to be back to the DARKSIDE if I chance it
  14. Video Wednesday: KSP Bloopers!

    It seems Not just ladder development is a pain, Very amusing video.