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  1. Hey severedsolo, after upgrading to v1.6 of Oh Scrap today, I noticed that the vanilla chutes only seem to have the number of uses in their right-click menu, unlike the previous version where they would also have a safety rating, generation, and tested. I don't have FAR installed, and both of the parachute failures in v1.6 of Oh Scrap have MODULE:NEEDS[FerramAerospaceResearch] Thought you should know.
  2. This mod is amazing. I launched a mission without checking the safety rating of the parts I was using. Had the command pod lose reaction control. Boy, that made for a hairy re-entry. Also, since almost any mission-critical part could be affected, it's definitely going to encourage me to take some spare parts along using KIS.
  3. There's a minor problem with the Apoapsis Industries agency added by this mod. The large version of the flag displays fine, but the smaller version (AI_scaled) shows in-game as just a black rectangle.
  4. Maybe. Sort of depends on me learning how to mod it first.
  5. As a note to the OP, the third lady you would like to add is called Yang, not Liu. Liu is her family name, it says so in the article. I have no problem if more people want to pick up Kerbal Space Program and play it because a few more models get added to the game. Nobody complains when more rocket parts get added, unless they're bad parts.
  6. They edited the top post and added this at the end:
  7. It's easy to take a backseat and say 'that mistake was so obvious.' If you have limited time and or resources to test, you're going to try to test the things that are likely to break as a result of changes. So yes, things which seem like obvious and glaring mistakes do get missed. I'm not apologising for the developers, I'm just dispelling the notion of an idyllic development environment where things are squeaky smooth. I'm a modder for a game called RimWorld. Even though I've been modding the game for a few years now, I still occasionally manage to break stuff and then it makes it into a mod release and then I have to chase it up with fixes. These days I'm more cautious and put out lots of test versions for brave souls who like to live on the edge. I do more testing myself to make sure I haven't missed anything, but I'm still just one guy and my detection rate is nowhere near a hundred percent. That's why I said that the KSP community should have been involved in the 1.4 testing process. With many eyes you have a higher detection rate and can log more bugs, then fix the major ones as a priority. The people who aren't interested in testing potentially buggy software don't see the worst of it. This time around, we've all seen KSP at it's buggiest. I hope that the management at TTI realise that setting arbitrary release dates just results in an arbitrary product quality, which is unlikely to please new or existing customers, and likely to impact the game's future review rating. For reference, the review rating for Making History currently is 54% positive (Mixed) which is probably more than it deserves considering its present state. A rating of 'Mixed' is very bad on Steam. Few customers will buy something with that rating unless they're really invested in what the product will become, which is not many people these days.
  8. There are a lot of lines of code in one game. The reason why a game goes through testing and gets bug fixes is because mistakes are inevitably made. You know how you build and launch a rocket in KSP only to realise during re-entry 'whoops, forgot the parachutes' and have to revert back to vehicle assembly? That's how broken code can get sometimes. Except instead of missing parachutes, you've made a rookie mistakes like forgotting to invert some piece of logic somewhere. Games like KSP don't just get a 1.0 release and done these days, they're improved upon after release (it has to be the case with lots of other developers doing the same thing) so they are constantly changing. Sometimes... that process of change doesn't go so well. ;/ But lessons are learned, in much the same way that rocket engineers learn from failed missions. It can't all be good, but that doesn't mean it's all going to be bad either. With all that said, however, one of the criticisms I have about how 1.4 was handled is that there was no way for us to be involved in the process of testing it. Might not have changed the release date at all, but it would have meant that a lot of bugs would have gone on the bug tracker earlier.
  9. Hey guys, Got a bug report for you. Console: Xbox One. What happened: Rescued Kerbal on EVA can be recovered safely without needing to enter rescue vehicle or ride it back to Kerbin. Just bring up the game menu and choose Recover vessel. What I expected to happen: Serena Kerman says, 'Hey wise guy, you need to research Transporter technology before I can beam down to Kerbin.' In other words, Recover vessel should not be available for EVA Kerbals unless they're standing on Kerbin. Steps to reproduce: Accept a contract to rescue a stranded Kerbal. Send a rescue ship to rescue the Kerbal. Rendezvous with the stranded Kerbal's ship. Switch to stranded Kerbal's ship when in range. EVA the Kerbal. Bring up the game menu and choose Recover vessel.
  10. I've had this problem too. I think what's happening is that one of your contract packs (for example, SETI Contracts) is by default disabling some of the stock contracts. But for some reason, the stock contracts keep showing up anyway. But then, because they are disabled, they disappear after a scene change.
  11. Just started using the mod. It's pretty decent, but I found a bug that occurs when also using the StageRecovery mod. If a Kerbal is recovered by StageRecovery, Space Age thinks that he died. Actually Jeb is safely on the ground and totally fine (for now).
  12. Hey there. Got another question, this time about Unmanned Before Manned Challenge. I have the Community Tech Tree installed, and it has a node called Enhanced Survivability which is where the Mk1 Command pod is. Unfortunately, said tech tree node isn't modified by UbMC so the command pod has its reaction wheel. I'm guessing no, but is this intended behaviour?
  13. Hey there! Really enjoy using the SETI Probe Parts... however, I noticed just now that the 800EC battery costing is a bit different to the stock batteries - it is much cheaper. Just a minor thing that you might want to tweak.
  14. So, yeah. Something I've started to notice recently is that if a planned maneuver node is two weeks or more in the future, the Delta-V needed will change while the craft is loaded. Not by a lot, but enough that I should probably wait until the maneuver is almost due to fine-tune and execute it. Is this normal?
  15. Hey Snark. Been having a minor problem with your mod. Note that it may not be your mod that's at fault, it could just be vanilla KSP or a problem on my end. I usually rotate the antennae so that they're not sticking out at a 90-degree angle when they're retracted. For some reason, this means that the antennae won't extend after the sleep period - the log says Can't wake Communotron 16 (can't currently move). In fact, even if the omni-antenna on my returning probe is in range and I have control, I still won't be able to extend an antenna until the probe is on the ground (it says 'Deploying would destroy part' or something). Anyway, I'll keep testing it but I thought I would give you a heads-up.