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  1. Hello, Looking at videos showcasing the new DLC, something odd appeared to me. It looks like the new parts are meant to be played with RSS, looking at their trust and ISP, it s definitly not blanced for the regular kerbin system. Is there something planed about including an upscaled version of the Kerbin System?
  2. Hello, I love your mod actually I think it s one of the best present on KSP. Due to that I've been wanting to work with it on a capsule mod. Now that I've got time I'd like to begin to work on it. Here is the principle, you ve got some kind of different lvl of technology advencements, and i d like to link that to the tech tree. By making different capsul and plane cockpit according to the techn nod. (Also make it compatible with the career mod by increasing the price of the equipement). Exemple: Basic capsule : Mk1 Capsule with basic internals, analogic instrument (I'm probably going to work with other mods like Corvus CF and Near future spacecraft first). Basic Cockpit: MK1 cockpit with basic internal, analogic instruments Advanced instrumentation: MK3 capsule with a glass cockpit. I still need to work on the tech tree aspect of the mod, but I ve got a pretty clear idea of how it's going to work. I'd like to know what you think about and if you allow me to do such a modification (Of course I need to contact other developpers if I want to include their mod in my project).
  3. Donchielo

    [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    Mmmh no but I get it now xD thanks!
  4. Donchielo

    [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    Hello, I installed your mod (last version on 1.2.2 with RO), but for some reasons procedural parts are not there. I can't find a way to get them. Any idea of what is going on?
  5. Donchielo

    Game doesn't Start

    I'm playing on 1.2.2 on windows 8 and i bought it on Steam, currently without mods.
  6. Hello, I recently encountered this issue (i didn't change anything on my game at the moment this bug appeared) but I can't launch KSP anymore, everytime I can't even load the loading screen. I tried many different things, like re installe the game, check for missing stuff and launch as administrator, nothing worked so far. I'm a bit stuck and I don't realy know what to do, my game worked correctly before. Thanks for your answers
  7. Hello, Nice work I'm here to ask you a question, how can I changes the settings in order to get something balanced for the stock game? I basically want to reduce the construction time and research time and divide it by 4 (in order to get kerbins day instead of getting Earth day construction time) .
  8. Hi, I'm playing on Kerbal space program since 0.9 version, I was wondering about the futur of KSP, and I was wondering, why don't you port it into the game? I think it would be an amazing featur to add, to be able to literaly create your own part in game, thanks to some tools, with a new building. Starting with something like real fuels did in his mod. Be able to select the size and the shape of your fuel tanks. And it would be limited by the techTree, and the type of engine you are able to take. This way you would be able to implement more and more featurs without much work on part creation. Of course you would have much more work somewhere Else, but it will increase the amount of possibility. At the start you would be able to change tanks, or engines power, size, shape but at the end you could creat your own pod, the materials you want to use on such part etc. For the ones who don't want to spend so much time on it you can give basic parts. But you can change the way they work (adding parachute in the hull of your pod, adding detechable parts etc...). Something you could add is the type of material used for each parts etc.. At the end you would be able to creat a custom station with custom parts inside, science experiments etc. Create rockets the shape you want with any materials like Iron, wood whatever with there own caracteristic. Even Create your own cockpit for planes or capsuls. (with IVA mod it would be great. Thanks for reading
  9. Hello, I'm currently working adding new planets to the game. I understood the basics with Kopernicus, but I need more explaination about how it works. I never worked on a mod before and I got some questions. I know Korpernicus doesn't work in 1.1 and first of all, is something going to change on KSP 1.1 with Kopernicus? How are we suposed to organize the file to make the mod work properly? How can I make my mod support some other like Interstellar, MagicScience, Science Experiment etc.. How can I update my files when there is a KSP update? Thanks in advance for your answers