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  1. Thanks for the great ideas!
  2. Kind of like a made up Role-play career I guess
  3. That's awesome Tseit, I don't think I could get that done in career mode hehe
  4. Let me know how it turns out! Working on section 2 right now. The Duna colonization project.
  5. I've always played career mode only since it came out but I've grown tired of the same grind to get to where I want to be and I never seems to get there. So I've decided to start a sandbox game instead but I miss the objectives and structure aspect of career mode. So I've made this "guide" to help me stay on target with my vision of my space program. I thought I might share it with you guys in case someone else was looking for something similar. Space Program Master Plan Recommended gameplay mods: MKS USI Life Support Kerbal Engineer Redux • Disable stock ground towers. Downloadable document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iaYfJTvhPXosoHK8VAbI4jDqzHWkzw56FFeg-rK7FWw/edit?usp=sharing Project SOL Section #1: Conquer the kerbin system! Colonize the Mun and Minmus with a self sufficient base for 25 kerbals. SOL-1: Setup communication network SOL-2: Survey the land SOL-3: Build an Industrial support infrastructure SOL-4: Build the industrial fleet SOL-5: Finding the perfect spots SOL-6: Colonize the moons of Kerbin Project VULCAN Section 2: Destination Duna Goal: Establish a mining outpost, a manufacturing facility and living habitation for a 25 Kerbal Colony On Duna. VULCAN-1: Set up Communication network VULCAN-2: Do the research VULCAN-3: Location location location! VULCAN-4: Beep!! VULCAN-5: Engineering and preparation VULCAN-6: Moar ships! And Bon voyage VULCAN-7: Hi ho! Hi ho! VULCAN-8: Building the Duna base VULCAN-9: Stocking up VULCAN-10: It's happening! VULCAN-11: Gentlemen, man your stations
  6. Can anybody provide a link to the version of scatterer that works with this mod?
  7. Don't stress over it Z, its supposed to be a hobby, not work When ever u feel like doing it is fine with me!
  8. Real chutes and texture replacer are now working with CC installed
  9. I confirm that [x] Science button disappear from stock tool bar and blizzy toolbar disappear when CC gets installed.
  10. I must be blind, I've been looking through the settings for half an hour and can't seem to find anything related to contract configurator at all. Where exactly has it been moved? Also, is it possible this mods interfeers with the stock and blizzy toolbar? I lost the [x]science button from the stock toolbar and the blizzi one dissapered completely.
  11. problem solved, i had fail to read all the instructions and didnt download sigma and rss seperalty. lol
  12. Is anybody else getting on a black screen instead of the main menu after updating kopernicus for 1.1.3? -I have a new KSP install of 1.1.3 -the new version of SSRSS as my only mod -new version of kopernicus for 1.1.3 Before updating kopernicus I get the to the main menu without any problems but the rss textures aren't there. After updating kopernicus i get the black screen. I get the same result if i start with a new install, add kopernicus 1.1.3, still working fine there, but as soon as I add SSRSS i get the black screen.
  13. Is anybody else experiencing extreme fps drops on the mun? seems to freeze every seconds or so. running an I7-5820k, Gtx 980, 16g ram.
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