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  1. So I was experimenting with stock AAM's, but when I was testing the "lock on" for them, drone cores can't do the "target" SAS function unless there is a kerbal controlling the craft. Anyone have any ideas how to make a different lock system? (Or if im just doing something wrong)
  2. Love the mod! Can't wait to see it updated for 1.4!! (Btw you should also let us download that skycrane in the pictures!! Looks awesome!!)
  3. Like the parts, wheels are also really nice! Keep up the good work so far.
  4. So I recently got a new computer. I have download ksp and mods for it already, but when making a C-130, the wing was too small. I wanted to make it tweakscalable but, I did not have the like config file program. Does anyone know one that i could download?
  5. Same! Cant wait for the aircraft mod to come out. Oke! Excited for it to release.
  6. What mod for the F-22 and the Fueler? (KC-135 right?) *edit nevermind, i see they are in a new mod coming out. Is there a certain date set?
  7. You should maybe make the C-130 wing a little bigger, they dont fit on my C-130. Also you should make a cockpit that is based on the C-130, with your modeling work and interior work we can finally get something good!
  8. So I recently got a new gaming computer with windows 10 on it, and i was trying to install mods for ksp, but they would not actually install. I extracted the mod folders, and put them in the gamedata folder but it still did not add, all the mods are updated to the 1.2 version too. Does anyone know why this will not work?
  9. Sorry to ask, but could you message me a download if you have one? I guess you would need a license to release it, but I don't know this modding stuff
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