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  1. Ah. 1.1.1, finally! Looking for a clean environment, I deleted ~/.config/unity3d/Squad and ~/.config/unity3d/SQUAD folders before launching Kerbal. Booted up my Kerbal, loaded the same airplane as in the previous screenshot and was overjoyed to see my ground there. Hooray! Crashed the airplane three times, and then coming to launch for the fourth, my ground was gone again. No luck then with this patch. :|
  2. Hello there. With the new 1.1 release ( of Kerbal I'm facing a couple of problems which I didn't encounter before. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04, unmodded Kerbal, AMD R9 280 graphics with AMD provided proprietary binary driver version 15.302 from their website. I have installed the game through Steam. 1: Launching the game Launching the game initially gives me a black screen (before the loading indicator screen). This black screen dies and the program ends, without writing anything to the log other than initial hardware info. I was able to get around this by meddling with the command line switches a bit. -force-gfx-st makes it work. LC_ALL=C %command%_64 -force-gfx-st 2: Ground missing My Kerbin's ground went missing for the most part. This is a bit trickier. First I was suspecting all sorts of graphical options as the culprit, but then I went and disabled everything but the bare necessities and still was getting this. The ground disappears for the most part. It reappears if I zoom back very far from it. Also, the void of the ground somehow seems to be physicsless. I taxied an airplane to the void, after which the plane was just stuck in position on it, regardless of engine power or other controls. The following link is a screen shot of the ground, or rather the lack thereof.