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  1. It seems like this mod is pretty much done considering it's not even on the BDAc family mod links thing. It also hasn't been updated in a long time as you probably know.
  2. Hey Spanner I want to thank you for all the great mods you've made and the updating you've done for the many other mods I use but I'm a bit confused with OST. It says that OST has a tiger haul and sherman turret and haul but when I downloaded it and looked at the parts I saw no sheman haul and turret and a slight lack of a tiger haul. Keep up with the great work!
  3. Omg yes thank you I almost gave up on kerbal foundries forever!!!
  4. Good luck lo-fi and thank you for one of my favorite mods loved your work
  5. I have been thinking about doing some world war 2 tank battles once my main mods are updated to 1.2 and I was wondering if you could a m4 Sherman turret to the mod
  6. I'm not sure if i installed it incorrectly or something but i managed to get this thing into the water but i can't control it or do anything i have plenty of crew in it and im not sure whats going on so if anyone knows please tell me (1.2 by the way) Never mind i figured it out
  7. i have that same problem and i can't figure it out but how did you get the hud to work
  8. I would like this to happen too because when the kerbal is moving the parachute menu won't open so i can't deploy it
  9. For some reason steam wouldn't let me set KSP back to 1.0.5 then a couple days later I found a KSP 1.0.5 directory sitting in my trash so I've been using that for the past month or so
  10. Even if they do fix the stock landing gear I still hope adjustable landing gear get's updated considering how useful and convenient they are.
  11. This is one of my favorite mods ever I have used ever since I started KSP. Can't wait for this to work with 1.1.
  12. Finally a couple of the major mods like bdarmory and other things I use with KSP are getting updated and I am thinking about switching to 1.1 soon. Unfortunately adjustable landing gear is not updated which is kind of annoying. I am having problems with the stock landing gear glitching into the ground.
  13. Will you update this mod to 1.1 or is it already compatible?