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  1. Hi all long time no see again. May I ask this mod says for 1.10.x I assume thats also for 1.10.1 ETC Reason I ask is some mods say 1.10 but there is no way in steam to select 1.10 just 1.10.1 which is default or just 1.9 and lower not specfically 1.10. So mods for 1.10.1 will they also work for 1.10 and so on Thanks
  2. I am just showing interest in a FAR compatible version.As you say though totaly understand if you cant or dont want to. Thanks
  3. Just showing interest for some thing like this also Thanks
  4. Im not going to lie here I have a serius issue when it comes to modding. I spend more time adding mods/figureing out issues with said mods than I do actually playing. This goes for ANY game I play I truly think its an issue I cant play the game till I am happy I aint missing out on some thing. I was talking to my bro the other day and I said to him about it.He said im not the only one there is people who spend ages making mod packs for other games thats all they do so I feel a bit better LOL. Any way you see it here first I have legit gave this condition a name I cal
  5. Hi all sorry to start a new thread I could not see any real info on this. I know its also subject to the kind of mod ETC but out of interest is there any real deep engine changes made in 1.9.1 that would make mods made for 1.9.1 not be a good idea to use in 1.8.1. I have mods that are made for 1.8.1 but like some of the features and changes made for the 1.9.1 version. Is that normally a BAD idea or was there not any real huge engine changes in the two versions?. Thanks all STAY SAFE
  6. Ohhh I shall deffo retry this later once updated. Thanks you
  7. Hi there I am using this awesome mod in conjuction with KCT. I built a craft an placed it on launchpad I did a few experiments with it and never actually launched the vessel (contract). I then went back to ksc and recovered the craft. I then went into VAB and started to place bits I never needed back into inventory on the left I noticed no parts went into the SCRAPYARD GUI apart from like one item. Does this mod support ALL MODDED parts or do modders also have to write there mods to work with this?. Sorry I am probably just confued I was expecting EV
  8. ohhh thats very kind of you I shall test this later ASAP thank you so much. Love this community such helpful KERBALS lol Thanks
  9. Ah I see. Well I have got it reinstalled and I did see when the game loaded the was killing miniAVC.dll`s so that makes sense thank you
  10. Hi there so I shall start by saying I have a lot of other mods installed and I am on 1.8.1 but I have tested with and wihtout this mod so with out I do no get this issue but with when i drop the landing gear on this craft i get a slide show (FPS DROPS TO LIKE 1) and the log is spammed to hell as you can see. Now this might be because I am on 1.8.1 or I have another mod causing issues with this mod. Any way IF you know what it might be and would be willing to look at it that would be cool. Thanks so much in advance.
  11. Hi yeah I heard some thing about that going around. I am sure I had zeroMiniAVC installed and read to remove it and use FULL AVC..I might be wrong no idea TBH. I am running full KSP.AVC 1414 at the moment. should I try zerominiavc then? Thanks again all HMMM I stand corrected its a mod to help with miniavc issues I have reistalled and and I am retesting my mod pack thanks chap I shall get back to you
  12. hmmmm it worked again with out planet pack that once but with every thing else installed. but its worked with planet packed intsalled before any way...its way way to random and it takes a while to load up every time as said 3 damn days on and off with this :(. Every time it does fail to load though I get this with out fail (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/GfxDevice/d3d11/TexturesD3D11.cpp Line: 496) d3d11: failed to create 2D texture shader resource view id=8209 [D3D error was 80070057] (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/GfxDevice/d3d11
  13. Thanks so much for looking at the for me. I did and RAM goes to about 8/9GB after its so called fully loaded and just sits there on a black screen but then IF I click the screen it will turn white and ask close or wait for program I notice EVEN IF I click wait RAM drops to like 500MB some thing aint right at all. I have 16GB of RAM. Also yep testing now will remove planet pack.
  14. ok I am totaly stumped I though I got it I removed DEADLY REENTRY and boom got into main menu after loading TWICE. So re added it to make sure and got into main menu I AM SO DAMN LOST HERE EDIT No idea still messing with this is so random. If I close the AVC window once it tells me about out of date mods ETC ETC then it some times seems to work more often. An way 3 days on this I cant do no more
  15. thank you so so much I shall deffo do this. I was just testing again and here is what I have got so far. With Kopernicus Beyond home Sigma raplacment sky Games starts up fine every time all the time no hangong after loading screen With all my mods 100+ but no Kopernicus Beyond home Sigma raplacment sky game does also not freeze as far as I can tell. But with all my mods and Kopernicus Beyond home Sigma raplacment sky Game seems to freeze a lot or all the time last few lines in the log are
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