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  1. Ah OK thanks very much for replying I assumed as much but thought I would check :).
  2. I know I know but just wondering if any one has tryed this awesome mod with the latest 1.4.1? Thanks
  3. 10000000% this Had the same thought ages ago. When in editor some times its hard to select a part but if we could some how have this awesome tool show all parts on the ship while in the editor and allow us to lets say left shift plus click a part in the list of parts it then selects it as the active part we can then move,rotate the part as we see fit. This mod would be even more amazeing if it allowed this function as 1000`s of times I have struggled to select s small part on a craft.
  4. Cool watching stream now there is no audio though not sure if thats intended or not?
  5. Cool thanks for replying not worried was just curius is all :).
  6. hi there I have BDA installed latest version that came with this mod. Is there an optoins page I can bring up for this mod or is it set to 200km and thats it or?. Thanks in advance
  7. If your wife is any thing like mine you will be in big ass trouble then
  8. So the site i got it from was dodgy? :(. I have deleted the one i got from there and redownloaded using your link hope it aint done any thing to me PC etc DOH
  9. I thought the same downloaded it and installed it shows as it should in AVC checker. But yeah fair enough I assumed it was a legit site but hopefully the OP can shed some light on this
  10. i got it from here
  11. OK I may be wrong but I have placed a mechjeb controller ontop of the ship and not its side which seems to be throwing out the direction its meant to be facing. I have to KILL remotetch computer though other wise it just spins out of control. No i dea whats going on LOL DOH
  12. Hi there I was wondering if I could get some help please. I am using remotetech 1.8.6 DEV VERSION and this mod does not seem to work I set a target but remotetech never seems to get a signal I played around with it for a while but no settings worked Yeah this sucks no matter what I do it wont work