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  1. Have a look in your settings.cfg file. Not all key bindings that are configurable through editing that file manually are exposed in the UI. In my settings.cfg (on linux, these things vary by platform), Insert is mapped to UIMODE_STAGING. I have no idea why that would change map mode, and it doesn't for me, but maybe it's set to something else for you?
  2. Not entirely true. It wants pulseaudio to be running *if* it finds pulseaudio libraries, but it works fine if it doesn't. On its own that doesn't help much, but it means workarounds are possible. http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/7515 lists a few, I personally use the pulsenomore tool that's on there, and it works fine.
  3. As far as I can see that's bug 7493. Playing with resolutions, full screen, or -force-glcore may or may not help. (in my case, either playing full screen at a non-native resolution or -force-glcore work)
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