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  1. Same problem with mod as in the pic above, but I ONLY run KAC mod and none other. Thanks Trigger for the work - and good luck : )
  2. I find that the older my bases are the more likely their struts explode, ESPECIALLY loading in or dropping out of time warp. Some of my bases are over 700 hours of gameplay/ 18 kerbal years old. My MINMUS base suffered catastrophic destruction due to, what I believe, what a disagreement between struts, docking ports of various sizes, claws, wheels and hulls on the ground. This being my oldest base... well I was sad to see it go (some parts went 5 km up or more into the sky), although amusing, but I had just enough base left to evacuate my base crew to orbital station. My oldest bases were/are ugly... or umm fugly, so the new problems with struts and my 19mil have encouraged me to build newer and better. Fortunately my more recent bases seem to suffer these struts problems far less. I look forward to seeing when they fix this problem, but for me, fixing the crashes (and forcing open -d3dll) has made gameplay way better. If sometimes I have to land on my engines so be it.