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  1. Or could be one of the reasons we are getting KSP2 is because building a code that allows multiplayer is much more effective that patch it into a decade old game like the original squad team wanted to do. Besides, is called the space race for a reason.
  2. With the rewritting the engine maybe we can actually have ships accelerating when out of focus, so solar sails won't be that bad of a idea.
  3. - Make Kerbin actually lively, cities with lights at night, kerbals walking around and cars. Make it a planet with a real kerbal civilization and not just the KSC - Full Kerbin system. ot was going to be similar to our own but it was never completed (officialy) that way in 1, also a real asteroid belt instead of just random ones - Ship interiors where the kerbal move around doing stuff, make them lively instead of just seating in a chair 24/7 - More anomalities, maybe with some storylines with them - Give the ground crew some love, make them characters, small window cinematics celebrating launches or you can be in the command room when iva with probes. - Weather effects Many of them are not really gameplay changing, but I feel giving some atmosphere (ok maybe not in the Mun) to the game is also important.
  4. I actually think KSP launched while in alpha since they were still adding features (in a half-way manner) even for 1.00, doesn't really change much, in both cases is pretty clear release was as rushed as a EA or Activision game
  5. Ohohohoho i won't be so sure. As much as the FAQ claims it has speeded up the process and we have be always at war with Eurasia, i find it pretty clear the real decision to force the U5 upgrade into 1.0.3 (which was original supose to be bug and memory leaks fixing) and the delays on it is because of this in the first place.
  6. Just like Squad will never do an april fool joke in march?
  7. Ok i will explain a little detail to you and hopefully to Kasper, since you both seem to have a colored high horse so up your read end you can't see it Now, what day it is? PROTIP: Is not April 1 april fool jokes are on APRIL 1, NOT TWO WEEKS EARLY, MESS UP AND THEN TRYING TO DO DAMAGE CONTROL ABOUT BEING A "EARLY" "APRIL" "FOOL" "JOKE" You dumbass
  8. Probably because people with critical thinking abilities know april fools jokes are suppose to happen april 1 Not March 20 Maybe you should be telling Squad about critical thinking, because they cleary have no idea what it means
  9. But i AM requiered to pay to get mods from the official forums because the threads are older that three months And not actually a cheap price, actually having to pay a similar price as KSP without disccount Youtubes get money from youtube mods can put donation buttons in their threads And i rather pay EA that people like you, at least they actually make games
  10. Exactly, i don't know why he loves and pushes it so much, hell even the organization is a mess, i don't know how people can use so much. It doesn't help the voting system can easily be used for mobs to censor criticism they don't like, unless you are some kind of "Elite" user and the community takes everything you say as a Holy word Wait, what do you mean you aren't talking about reddit?
  11. Is also in the official Facebook, but so far as i know, nada on the forums
  12. Can you point me where is Squad asking this: Or is the Daily kerbal not intended for the forum users either?
  13. I am not misrepresenting anything, i am talking from experience. I know people have been asking for better tutorials for years, even before career and it was like the input entered right through Max ear and left Maps other ear. But we are talking about a Producer who thinks Girlbals are more important that finishing IVAs Then Reddit ask for the same thing AND BAM PRIORITY. One thing is doing AMAs, other is asking for input that impacts the game in reddit only and acting like is a small deal when the fallout hits you. Actions speak louder than words, if you don't want the forums to believe that then better start working.
  14. So short version: If you want your input to be read/listen, post it in Reddit.