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  1. Hello, I am not the only person in my playgroup experiencing this issue - I am trying to put RCS engines on a craft for orientation and stability, but am always running into an issue in that the game constantly says that there is no monopropellant getting to the RCS systems. I've configured both the tank (tried both procedural and stock monoprop tanks) and the engines for Hydrazine, but still won't show that they're getting fed. Here's a Steam screenshot - I've tried putting the RCS ports in different places, and tried a few hypergolic fuels, and nothing works:
  2. I feel like KSP is much in a situation of Minecraft.... The concept is brilliant, and the open-endedness can make for something magical. Ultimately, its up to them to decide how long they work on the game, but I really think there are a lot of things could be added to it (especially rocket parts... 2.5/5m SRBs please!). I think more content can be added/is needed.. I know mods can fill the gap, but there's really no good colonization endgame available without mods from what I've played. Expanding/creating off-world bases is very tedious and is a huge sink that doesn't have a real-world analoge (I am literally launching trucks into space to land on Minmus for re-fueling at this point.. Whereas a deployable/expandable base based on tonnage would make a lot more sense).