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  1. RSS without RO? naaaaaahhhhhhhhh! But its written 1.2.2 on the RSS thread. Will you mind to provide me a link to the RSS 1.3.1 thread?
  2. Yup, but I have 1.2.2, so this is the most helpful one! BTW, do you know when RSS is going to update 1.3.1?
  3. Buddy you saved my life! I love you ( i don't hope my girlfriend sees this post)!
  4. Umm, sorry, i cancelled that idea... i am changing a bit of things but thanks! i really love your mod!
  5. Can i copy a little bit from this mod for my WIP mod? I promise i will give you all credits, and if you want a donate button for you then i will do that also.
  6. will this work in a laptop or low end computers? i want to run this in my laptop having 2 GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 2GB intel integrated graphics with 4 GB ram.
  7. I mean to say, does this work? I am far away from my home right now, so can't test it...
  8. Does this work with ksp V1.2.x?
  9. @Tristonwilson12 hello, I want to learn about modding and want to know about KSC... May you please accept my friend request? My name is Samay Bhattacharjiya in fb...
  10. @Tristonwilson12 thanks for the link. Please accept my friend request.
  11. well, but why maybe? we love you (i am a boy, come on!!!!) and your mod... its like, love towards nasa and hard reality, so, we guys are hungry for your mod.... do you have a facebook account? may we be connected over there if possible? well i was just kidding... (except that facebook one)
  12. cool...!!! nice to see Triston with his mod is back...!!!! but will the new SLC-17 be added to the STOCK version?
  13. What are the things we can do with DMP. I am new to this, so please help me!