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  1. Everyone has failed at least once in KSP, we all started off as terrible players, we all have had a failed Mun landing, so what are your KSP sins? The fails you just don't want to tell? Have you gone to a planet, but not thought about how to return? Have you tried to use parachutes on a planet with no/little atmosphere? Have you started off building rockets with no knowledge of how to design them? Whatever they are, share your sins here, you are not the only one who has any! When I started playing KSP and did not use SAS or RCS at all, for a long long time, or even know what their uses were. It made the game a lot harder for me.
  2. Mine is pretty simple, my friend showed it to me, so I decided to to try the demo. I became really interested in it so I bought the full game. I have always really liked games that are open world and free building/creation (such as Gmod) and KSP is one of those.
  3. Don't worry, I shall make the ultimate dres shuttle! And it shall be an SSTO!!!?
  4. Easy, Challange accepted Most mods don't work in 1.1 anymore
  5. 762) We want pet Krakens (and the real one to be dead)
  6. I say destroy it before it destroys everything else. How to destroy it? 1) Fly it into the sun 2) Feed it to the Kraken 3) Hit it with an asteroid 4) Inflatable heat shields? 5) 'Land' with it on Jool 6) Whack a Kerbal 7) Time warp *352726637827 8) Fly it at warp speed into the mun 9) Press random buttons (It always works) 10) I'm running out of ideas
  7. Hello KSP Forums! I am RedstoneWizard22. I bought Kerbal Space Program on steam after it went on release and have so far played 73 hours on it. So far I have got to the mun and back (After 5 failed attempts), Minimus and back (With the loss of Jeb (Don't worry he's floating in space, I just need to find a way to rescue him)) and blown up on Duna. I play 75% of my time in sandbox creating useless contraptions and 25% in career mode, and am now playing a lot with the BD Armoury mod. Perhaps by my name you a tell I play Minecraft, but anyway that's it so have a good day Just wondering, does anyone have a jeb rescuer?
  8. Hmm, Can someone test my theory that if it spins fast enough it can be used to make a helicopter? Probably won't work though
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