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  1. Really?!? I thought there were some prerequisites or something. Vessel Mover and Vessel Switcher are also not working for me in 1.1 full.
  2. @xaj1x https://github.com/BahamutoD/BDArmory/releases/tag/v0.11.0pre2 A few bugs and issues with this one: Mouse cursor disappears sometimes after vessel with a weapon manager is destroyed FLIR tracking ball GUI is HUGE Read my above posts for help dealing with the disappearing cursor.
  3. If you guys want War Thunder-esque piloting, check out the Mouse Aim Flight mod.
  4. Looks like I'm not the only one. BDArmory pre3 does not work with KSP 1.1 full release. You have to use BDArmory pre2. It works, but the FLIR tracking ball's UI is massive. Also, BDArmory Vessel Mover and Vessel Switcher are also not working with KSP 1.1 full release.
  5. You can either: Go to your last quicksave by pressing and holding F9 (Hopefully you created one) Switch to another craft Waggle your mouse everywhere until you're lucky enough to hit "Revert" or exit the save The last choice is to kill the game through task manager. I suggest you keep a quicksave handy once you launch any craft, just quicksave right when you spawn on the runway. Or, you can keep a stock craft parked nearby for easy switching.
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