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  1. hmmmm interesting, I just started playing again yesterday, which is when I started that new game. Currently the game is up to date, I'm unsure if it was updated when I started the game. Was the items totally removed from he game ? Or are they just later in the tec tree? I guess its possible I modded it at some point, sadly I don't remember ever doing that. You have any suggestions?
  2. Ok here is the saved file the problem started on. (Dropbox)
  3. Hey man, I'm not sure where those files are. I looked but did not see them. let me know where they should be and ill grab them! Thanks!
  4. I need help with this potential bug, I really do not want to restart my game again, even more so when that may not even fix this problem. Anyways, on to my problem! All the sudden I can't use items that I had researched. It first started with just one item, but now I can't use 2 items form the same category. I just used these 2 items to build a jet and I flew it. I went to go build a better jet and I couldn't find the air intake. So I loaded my old jet up and even though it has the intake it says in red letters *** CONTAINS LOCKED OR INVALID PARTS***. When I try to fly the jet it does not let me (because of the parts). Things I've tried to do, for a fix - Verify integrity of game cache (through steam) When doing this it says "1 files failed to validate and will be reacquired." I also loaded an old saved file, this save file happened to be the one I used when I first flew my jet with no problem, and it still gives me the same message when i try to fly it. I uninstalled the game (kept my saved files) reinstalled it, and still getting the same message. I googled it for an hour and found nothing. And yes I went back to make 100 % sure the 2 parts were still in the same place on the tec tree, and sure enough they are still under aviation, and its still unlocked, I can use all the other parts under aviation. On a side note, there are 38 copies of the Mk1 cockpit for whatever reason. I don't think it was like that before. The two parts that I can't use are Delta-Deluxe winglet and XM-G50Radial Air intake. Any help would be great, I feel like playing anymore of this could be a waste of time if I can't use the things I unlock. Sadly, that means I'm not going to play until this is sorted out . (sucks cuzz I really wanna play) After typing this I also went back and checked sandbox mode, sure enough the same parts are grayed out and I can't even select them, there are more parts that I can't use in sandbox mode. A fix for this problem would be amazing! Thanks