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  1. TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4 aka TRR Kerbal personalisation, IVA suits on Kerbin and texture replacement and improvements. This is the continuation of TextureReplacer. Expect bugs and changes, this is only the beginning of the transition TextureReplacerReplaced is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program that allows you to replace stock textures and customise your Kerbals. . More specifically, it can: replace stock textures with custom ones, assign personalised head and suit textures for each Kerbal, assign suits based on class and experience level, remove IVA helmets in safe situations, toggle between EVA suit and IVA suit without helmet in breathable atmosphere, add reflections to parts and helmet visors, generate missing mipmaps for PNG and JPEG model textures, compress uncompressed textures from `GameData/` to shrink textures in VRAM, unload textures from RAM after KSP finishes loading to reduce RAM usage and change bilinear texture filter to trilinear to improve mipmap quality. Special thanks to: Shaw for making TextureReplacer in the first place, You rock man ! RangeMachine who kept this mod alive, rbray89 who contributed a reflective visor shader and for [thread=59005]Active Texture Management[/thread] and [thread=55905]Visual Enhancements[/thread] where some code has been borrowed from, Tingle for [thread=44135]Universe Replacer[/thread]; studying his code helped me a lot while developing this plugin, taniwha for [thread=99018]KerbalStats[/thread] that was optionally used by this plugin for gender determination and role-based suit assignment, Razchek and Starwaster for [thread=70089]Reflection Plugin[/thread] where I learnt how to implement reflections, sarbian for fixing an issue with non-mupliple-of-4 texture dimensions, therealcrow999 for testing and benchmarking this plugin, Ippo343 for contributing KSP-AVC configuration, JPLRepo for contributing DeepFreeze compatibility fixes, Proot, Scart91, Green Skull and many others for creating texture packs and Sylith and Scart91 for giving others permissions to make derivatives of their texture packs, Sigma88 for his contribution on the MM compatibility and the new folder system, Ger_space for his brilliant work on the shader system. Links TextureReplacerReplaced : Download here: V0.4 Github Sources Link TRR_guide (a collection of textures to learn of to use TRR and make your own textures) : Download here : TRR_Guide, new folder example V0.3 Github Sources Link Important note : The navball texture replacement is disabled. You can use Navball Texture Changer to change your navball. Texture Packs coming soon Instructions coming soon Licence Copyright © 2013-2017 Davorin Učakar, Ryan Bray, RangeMachine, HaArliNsH Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
  2. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    none of them works ? are you using TRR V0.4 ? If it don't work with this version, well you will have to wait a bit Its working on my dev build, so in the worst case, you just have to wait the next release.
  3. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    There are no stupid questions, better ask than staying ignorant No you don't need to make the full package of course. If you just want a particular visor (just like @shoe7ess ), just make the transparent .png you want (better in 1024x1024) with the right name (here EVAvisor) and put it in the default/ folder of TRR. BUT, if you want to make the job well, you need to convert it in .DDS (literally 3-4 mouse clicks with DDSconverter) and make YOUR custom folder like the one you can find in the TRR_guide or in the link I provided to shoe7ess. The easiest way : - dl the last link above, - in the "ready to use" folder, you will find the custom folder, rename the "shoe7ess" folder and the shoe7ess.cfg with the name you want (like Wile1411) - in the .cfg change the paths with the name you used keep the NRM and make you own texture for the visor and voilà It took me 5min to make the stuff I provided to shoe7ess, its not difficult
  4. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    There you go You will find several things here : - your original and your original in 1024x1024 - variations from 10% to 100% transparency (not exactly the same as you original because the base color was at 90% alpha, so you have a little variation) in 1024x1024 - a "flat" NRM in 1024x1024 You have all of this in png and in dds and you will also find the custom folder that you should use with your custom textures (and you have your original in 1024x1024 +NRM in it)
  5. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    If you look at the visors in the TRR_Guide, they go incrementally from 100% transparent at level 0 to 0% transparent at level 5. If you want to see it and have the transparency , try around 70-80%. You need to save them in .png uncompressed before the convertion and check if your .png has transparency ( that's what we call the alpha). and when you use the DDSconverter, double check if you convert them in DXT5 with the option "alpha" (and mipmap but it don't affect the transparency). You should try several level of alpha, make one at 20% , 40%, 60%, 80% and compare them to find the one you prefer If you have problem with the conversion, I can help you, just link your .png and I'll convert them for you
  6. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    The explanations on the TRR's github are from the oldTR, I should modify them but I don't have time to changes these now, as I'm putting all the time I have free to finish TRR first, so don't take care of these. You were right to go to the TRR_guide to have to right explanations (even if they are also not completed) So, first don't worry about the colour of the NRM, long time ago they were blue, then pink , then kind of purple and now some are light brow. It doesn't really matter. Also you don't need a NRM for the visor if you don't want to make inscriptions with volume on it (so if you want it to stay "flat" don't use NRM, or you can make one but it's kind of useless) The reflection color configuration is not working any more, it will soon and you will have a excrements load of options, but I'm still working intensively on it So the simplest way to have colored visor actually, is to make a colored texture with transparency, you can even make one per level. But, for now , you can't change the reflection color. As the TRR_Guide explain, you need to convert it in .dds with this setting : - Use dxt5 with "Mipmaps" and "alpha" checked for the visor
  7. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    So, I can already see that you did not read the explanations for TRR and you didn't tried the TRR_Guide So to start in a good way, download TRR V0.4 and the TRR_Guide. And you will see that you can use a different folder to use your texture mods instead of putting them in TRR. There are some changes needed from the old TR texture pack, but its close of what it was before. There are not yet fully "TRR ready texture pack" except the TRR_guide. Cetera is close to have his suit pack ready, but I'm holding him because of the last changes coming to TRR. And while I'm at this point, guys I have a 2 good news and a bad news The first good news : I nearly succeed to make the big configuration menu I wanted for the suits. You will be able to assign the part of the suit (helmet jetpack, etc) you want to use for a defined state. For example, you will be able to use the helmet from your EVA Space suit when you are on IVA, or the jetpack from your EVA ground suit when you are in EVA space or colorize your visor for a particular level. This way, texture pack maker will be able to use the same texture for different elements, and spare some textures files, or the user will be able to configure how the texture pack should be used. The bad news : well, I always test my build with the TRR_guide, witch has new texture for the default suit, and now we have a problem when we don't use custom default suit texture (and we have the same problem for the heads) The easy solution would be to provide the default texture but as you all know, I can't redistribute textures from squad in my mod. The second good news : As I was searching for a way to get squad's textures (a bit like the new navball mod do, so saving/ripping them ingame and reuse them), I found some really interesting things, like I found the textures and mesh from the others kerbals ingame. I mean the scientific kerbal, the hazmat, the worker, ... I mean meshes in civil wears, WITHOUT the space suit and his damned collar. So in short, I wanted to look for these after I release TRR V0.5 (witch is really close now) but I will need to find the way to access these textures (and maybe the meshes too). The problem is that they are in the sharedassets and not in the ressources (the squad folder), so we can't access them easily. I'm looking to find the good dark magic to hack these. So I'll ask you a little more patience, but I can assure you that you will LOVE the new stuff coming
  8. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    I don't think the color theme really matter. The old NRM where in pink but when I make them with NormalMap-Online , they seems to be more purple. And if you convert them with DDS converter, they become light brown. The important thing is the kind of DXT you set when converting them in DDS. They should be in dxt5NormalMap
  9. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Oh my bad for the confusion, if you have better result with paint stay with it, I use DDS converter because it convert in batch, and I nearly never convert only one file. I do all my test in png them convert everything once. I don't say you have to make 4k texture to have clear result, you just need to clean the border of your lines , even on smaller resolution. If you paint all the pixels that are not in your "pure blue" in blue and the transparent black in "pure black" you can nearly fix your artefacts problem. Maybe you don't have to because nobody can see the difference ingame? If nearly all of your drawing are done and you don't know vectoring draw, don't loose your time on this, I already made changes that force you to rework Also don't look at the suit settings you can find in the devbuild I linked before, they are not final, I worked on that today. The V0.5 will have them fixed once for all (I hope)
  10. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Its TRR I think (could be wrong on that) , but you will have the same bad compression as paint.net because either Unity or TRR don't use the nvidia tools
  11. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    The .DDS seems bigger but as @Wizard said, it take less RAM memory , has already the mipmaps and load faster Also, as you have noticed, DDS converter is better than paint (it use the "official" nvidia compression tools) but you need to invert vertically your image (use gimp + batch tool) to convert multiple files. BUT, I know what is the real problem of your conversion, and you won't like it Your base model has already too much different colours in it, it seems that your base image is already compressed somehow. If you look closely, the black lines are not plain, you have transparency on the edges, and this means that the pixels between the blue and black parts are a mix of black and blue and this lead to artefacts when converting/compressing. (you have also the same issues on the exterior part, its not black but different level of transparency) And I know where this problem come from... paint.net I already noticed that years ago and this is why I use Photoshop (gimp can offer you good tools too). You could correct it by hand but this will take more time than just redraw your logo with a good vectorial program (again, gimp or photoshop)
  12. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    you need to invert vertically before converting (or your converter must do it) (instruction DDS converter , but its nearly the same for each converter) - Use dxt1 with "Mipmaps" checked for the helmet, jetpack and suit - Use dxt5 with "Mipmaps" and "alpha" checked for the visor - Use dxt5NormalMap with "Mipmaps", "Normal" and "toNormalMap" checked for the NRM You can already test the new naming with the devbuild I linked before
  13. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    @Cetera : I just pulled out a day build so you can test your suits set with the new naming. This build is a WIP the settings for the suits don't works yet, those for the heads works. Don't try to play with the reflection color, it won't affect things yet. You can also find the savegame I use, its made for MKS and you should find kerbal at differents place and also different level to test things. You can just drop one of your "old" suit folder in the TRR_Guide to compare easily. TRR V0.4.9 devbuild TRR V0.5 coming asap , don't use this devbuild for your main game, Guys, THIS IS NOT THE RELEASE YOU ARE WAITING FOR
  14. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    I can convert them for you if you can't Save them in .png non compressed and non interlaced for best results. The .dds conversion don't make you loose details if you have proper sources. Believe me, I made thousands of them This is mandatory for this number of files, and FYI , the conversion is really better when its made by the nvidia tools than the conversion module we use in TR/TRR and you save a lot of time at each loading of KSP. Here is some tools from the TRR_Guide readme : NormalMap-Online Online tool for generating Normal, Displacement, Ambient Occlusion and Specular maps GIMP 2 + BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin. To batch modify your texture file , like the invert you need to do before converting .png to .dds or to batch resize (always save without compression) DDS converter A really great converter that Convert JPG,TGA,PNG to DDS using NVIDIA Texture Tools 2.0 with CUDA Acceleration. This is the batch converter I used to make to TRR_Guide suit set Remember : PNG = used for production DDS = used when you release to the public If you don't use the EVA Ground state, you don't have to make the EVA ground helmet because you will use the EVA Space or the IVA suits like in TR. The IVA has is own helmet and the EVA Space too (they always had). Unfortunately, if you don't make the texture for the EVA ground state, you won't have a different suit when your kerbal are on the ground on non atmospheric planet. BUT, with the new configurations I'm presently coding, you will be able to force the use of a helmet for each state. So if you want for example to only use the EVA Space helmet for all the states, you will be able to do so. or you can also just make the suit let the jetpack and helmet use the texture from the EVA Space. If I understand well what you mean by "Command Suit version", you mean the orange ones (veteran) for Jeb, bill,... ? Know that you "need" to put them in your suit set. So your pilot suit set will have the normal version and the veteran version. You just have to setup you pilot suit set to the pilot class and TRR will give the proper version to your kerbal automatically ! This way, if you have new veteran kerbals, they will also have the good version and you don't have to worry about giving a single suit to a single kerbal. Look at these suit set I released for the TRR_Guide V0.2 , I will republish them properly for the upcoming release, but this is how you need to name your suit set to use all the fonctions like the normal and veteran state and so on. Use the .png to work and the .dds to load the game TRR_Guide_SuitSet_full_PNG_1024_v0.2.zip TRR_Guide_SuitSet_full_DDS_1024_v0.2.zip And if you want to make a special suit for Val, she use the "VetBad_Female" elements, so you can even make it and put it the same pilot suit set (that's what I'll do to make a pink version instead of the orange, for the badasses veteran females) EDIT: I wanted to give you a build from today but it wont be useful yet(working on the suit set setting and reflections), just a few more days and you will be able to see the full suit set in action.
  15. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Well ... the reflections and the visor color are kinda broken on the last version, normally its fixed in the build i'm working on. Also you normally don't need the generateMipmaps = /Cetera Because your texture in .dds should already have these mipmap (save a lot of time in loading) There will be other config for the suits (and the heads) in the coming release (like every suits should be able to choose his reflection color) , I can't show you them right now as I'm working on it, but you can see a good tease of the new GUI for the head, and I'll begin the suits part now. Again sorry for the delay, I think I'm making what could have been 2-3 releases in one, you will be happy when its out I'll also make the TRR_guide, just a bit more patience and you will find all the informations you need, I could respond at all your questions now but as it will change in the coming release... It should be more easier to make the first config and also allow us for more flexibility. @Cetera : Just a curiosity question : did you made the EVA ground state ? and the badass , veteran and veteran badass ? and the female version of all of these like in the new full suit set or did you kept the old TR's model ? In the next version you will be able to setup each suit set individually, I mean you could make a suit set using the EVA ground state and one without and the game will adapt (no more general setting) Well you will still have general setting but you will be able to bypass it in the individual suit set setting.
  16. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Sry for the delay, life you know.. I will release a new version SOON (I wished last week-end so its imminent) and I 'll update the tutorial that you can find in the TRR_Guide too. In summary we will finally be able to : - use the "full suit set" that I'm talking about from so long time (so all the combinations of male, male veteran, male badass (fearless), male veteran badass, female , female veteran, female badass, female veteran badass + the level and NRM for each part) - configure each suit set independently (hide the helmet, use this or this state, use this visor reflection colour, ..) with a .cfg file. I'm looking to make a GUI ingame to change these settings. Right now I'm looking how to make a GUI - revamp of the head, now they are more like the suits, you need to put them in a folder (that become the name of the head) with a naming convention and you can make levelled textures and NRM. - the teeth texture and NRM are working again for each head texture files for the male ! The female use the one from the default male (+ the NRM) . I'll try to use also an independent texture file + NRM but not yet coded. - each eyeball and pupil can be coloured or use a independent texture file +NRM (but the mesh geometry and the placement of the texture is horrible and it will be really hard to make a nice texture)), they can be hidden separately too - configure each head a bit like the suit set (cfg file and future GUI) If this version is stable, I'm thinking about putting it on CKAN because , I hope, we wont have any more big changes in the structure and naming convention.
  17. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Maybe we could just disable the reflections when underwater ? Its a bit rude but it could "solve" the issue no ?
  18. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Hmm Do you use the latest version ? It should work there normally Nice catch,maybe the new shader that @Ger_space send me last week will resolve this? Well .. first this is not "TextureReplacer" but " TextureReplacerReplaced", so you need to change the name of your configuration Also you can get rid of the "genericKerbal" , as the female head are automatically detected when you put them in the right place (Male head goes in ../heads/Male and female in .../heads/Female) I hope I can get you something at the end of the week-end, I made some experimentation on the Eyeballs and pupils of our kerbals and I can tell you that we can change their texture and NRM BUT the unfortunately the mesh is really badly positioned. We see the top of the sphere and it deform the texture too much to be really useful I'm experimenting with reflections on the eyeball but so far I can only get the nice pink "fail" color I also tried to change the color of the skinnedmeshrenderer and I think I 'll go with this as this seems to give the best results but this will oblige me to make a cfg file or something like that to store our choice.. I will also look at the teeth,mouth and tongue as I found the tongue ! I made a little function to log when the tongue is used and I can confirm that sometimes the game calls for it, but I 'm pretty sure the meshes are ignored/invisible. I'll also start to make the new GUI
  19. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Sorry for the silence recently, life is complicated right now, but I found a little time to continue the work. The full suit system is working and I'm improving the heads. Now we can make levelled head but also we can change the color/ texture of the eyes, pupil and we will surely be able to change the mouth and teeth too. I try to get this to you asap. Maybe I'll have the time to make the new configuration menu for this release, otherwise it will be for the next one. I have the same problem, I started my texture pack nearly one year ago to learn more of photoshop, and now here we are, making TRR and the texture pack is still a big WIP I hope I will have finished it before Christmas too
  20. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    You can download the last version of the TRR_Guide to have a working example. BUT I must warn you that this will change (again) in the next release (sorry ). I'm trying to release it asap but IRL problems don't let me work. The next release will fully support what I call the "full suit set" and also we will have a new system for the heads too. They will works like the suits and you will be able to make levelled head ! and, maybe in this version, you will also be able to finally change the eyes, teeth, and mouth of the female. (for now we applies the textures from the default male on them). I hope I get this before the week end but I can't promise. I'll make another TRR_guide for this version and it should be the last one (I mean no more naming and structure change)
  21. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    OOh nice ! I'll change the link.
  22. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Thx @Ger_space for the fixed shader ! I'll include it in the next release.
  23. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Ah ! good No problem , do it when you have the time / mood, its not critical
  24. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    heu.. first time I see this one But in general yeah , all instances of [TextureReplacer] have to be replaced by [TextureReplacerReplaced] and if you use a module it has to be renamed too. I just didn't know that they were used else where like this
  25. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    Well, since the last update you can do both You still can use the old fashion way like with TR and put all your textures in the TextureReplacerReplaced\Default\ or TextureReplacerReplaced\Heads\ , ... Or, and I STRONGLY encourage people to do so, you create a folder with the name of your mod or collection of textures and you create a .cfg with the path of the folder you use just like this : TextureReplacerReplaced { Folders { Default = MyModFolderName/Default/ EnvMap = MyModFolderName/EnvMap/ Heads = MyModFolderName/Heads/ Suits = MyModFolderName/Suits/ } } And now you have a proper mod separated from TRR and his updates that can make you loose your textures or screw the update Avoid duplicate files/names in your different Default\ folders, you will have unexpected results Oh and a last thing : Your heads textures must be inside a subfolder called "Male" and "Female" where you put the right gender texture. The default ones stay the same, so you need to name them "kerbalHead" and "kerbalHeadNRM" for the male and "kerbalGirl_06_BaseColor" and "kerbalGirl_06_BaseColorNRM" for the female. You can find a example of how it works in the TRR_guide. Expect more changes for the heads in the next release.