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  1. On 7/3/2019 at 6:43 AM, Gordon Dry said:

    The ribbed and truss adapters are borked. Initially the decoupler node and the side nodes are okay, but after attaching and detaching stuff, the nodes moved.

    Most likely after resizing the trusses.

    Can confirm there is some sort of problem with the attachment nodes on the new truss adapters.

    After switching variants the node for fairing on one side will move to the other side and overlap with the other node.



  2. Hello blackheart, I would like to report a problem. Don't know if anyone has similar prblem tho.


    So this wonderful mod has been in my GameData folder for quite a long time but I didn't have sufficient time to take care of it until a couple of days ago. I edited the cfg files (put custom flags in and removed the stock company ones) and finally tried it out last night. What I encountered was the upsized one didn't load my custom flags, instead retaining the original flag sequence including stock ones I've already removed from the cfg file. And then I did some further tests just now it's the Type A working in the same weird way.

    For now they look like this: the last flag in my custom sequence is the signal flag of 'zulu' but the Type A loads the stock sequence.



    Also exiting SPH to KSC then return to SPH screws sequence loading too. I forgot to screenshot but the decal displayed a stock one, which seemed to share the same sequence number with my custom flag I put before saving and leaving SPH.


    Here is the output log. Hope it helps.

  3. 10 hours ago, MaxxQ said:

    Maybe this is a dumb question, since I really have no clue about modding, but would it be possible to lift (or recreate) the code for docking ports that allows them to be undocked/redocked any number of times, and apply it to the pylon?  I mean, AFAIK, there's no rule that says the docking port HAS to be the current shape in order to work.

    In fact I did put a ModuleDockingNode in the custom pylon's cfg file, but it didn't work as expected. And after a little bit of search on the Internet seems to suggest there's more work should be done than simply adding a docking module to the pylon, which currently is still beyond my knowledge.

    Gotta give docking module another try but I don't think I have free time this weekend...

  4. 13 hours ago, Firemetal said:

    This should probably in the add-on sub forum. Doesn't really fit "Gameplay Questions and tutorials".



    9 hours ago, Snark said:

    Moving to Add-on Discussion.

    Ah yeah wasn't really sure where I should post this question. Sorry for inconvenience :P



    13 hours ago, Kryxal said:

    I wonder if it could be done using action groups...

    Yes, I use action group to decouple them. But I can still activate once.


    12 hours ago, Foxster said:

    Why not use a docking port instead?

    I feel using a pylon is visually more comfortable for me. Also, although I haven't tried this, but I feel like a size0 or size1 docking port will leave part of its non-docking side on the upper side of the wing, if not mounted on the fuselage?

  5. I am modifying the stock Small Hardpoint part to be more useful for some of my airplanes which equip with external fuel tanks.

    My idea is to make it behave like the real world pylon that drops external fuel tank but stays attached to the aircraft, instead of stock behavior that detaches together with jettisoned parts from parent parts. And subsequently a new fuel tank can be installed onto using KAS mod.


    So far I have added an attachment node to Small Hardpoint (and also scaled down Mk1 fuel tank, Mk0 tank's weird orientation under mirror mode disturbs me badly lol) for easy attachment and alignment. And also tested detaching capability of the new node and re-attachment using KAS. This part was a great great success.


    Detaching external fuel tanks:




    Bill reattaches tank:



    The problem is that I cannot jettison now re-attached tanks again. Also tried ModuleDockingNode but this seems to be technically more complicated.

    So I am wondering what I can do to make this pylon repeatly drop empty tank?

  6. On 2016/11/5 at 7:04 PM, Ser said:

    It isn't my thing to publish anything that isn't tested enough so I cannot guarantee if it works right. For some reason it doesn't show up in the Blizzy's toolbar and I have no idea if it is visible in RPM. 

    But hence people suffer you can download a dll recompiled for KSP 1.2.1 as a temporary fix here:

    Replace NAVUtilLib.dll in the mod's folder with this to get at least the separate HSI window working.

    I can confirm this recompilation also works nicely in RPM. Thanks for your effort!


  7. Hi Nereid, first of all thank you for such a wonderful mod. I mainly fly a plane or a helicopter in IVA and this mod gives so much vital information about the aircraft's performance and simply makes my life in the air easier :)


    Just a small request - would you consider making a gauge to display throttle in percentage? Just like the throttle display on the stock navball but in a more precise percentage scaling instead of the scales on the stock one which are more like graphical reference points and, more importantly, not available in IVA.

    I play KSP on a gamepad too and I always find it difficult to judge whether if my throttle correction is just enough or I overreacted, especially on final approach to a runway or an aircraft carrier. There lacks of throttle display in cockpit view and the IVA throttle sticks are not only not easily accessible most of the time but also a worse way to read throttle input than the navball display. Also SteamGauges is out of function for quite some time. I have been either missing approach or stall into terrain forever.


    Thanks in advance for your effort if you find the idea fits your mod!

  8. Hi I would like to report some issues.


    On the newly released carrier hangar part the nodes for mid and aft elevators seems to be slightly out of position.



    And the aft ones... Sorry forgot to do screenshots lol, but they are level with the flight deck but appear slightly closer to the centerline.


    Absolutely love LBP and SM Marine parts. Currently I'm building some more smaller ships for future operations. Hopefully Vessel Mover will be ready asap so I can start doing some real search and rescue missions for crewed space missions. No more one-click recover magic :D


    Also sharing what I built a few months ago







  9. Greetings, Kerbonauts! I've been on the forum for a while but never thought my first post would be a support request. :P


    So after a busy end of semester I finally came back to KSP last month. I made sure all the mods are as up-to-date as possible and fired up KSP again. At first I noticed that some mods were missing on the blizzy toolbar but thought they just weren't updated and ignored it, until a few days ago after I installed the latest release of Throttle Controlled Avionics and found out  it didn't pop a button on the toolbars. Looking deeper into the GameData folder I realized some more mods that suppose to run on 1.1.3 weren't appearing as they should either. And on the forum I don't see anyone hitting similar problem.


    I'm sure all the mods were installed in the correct manner, and I have already reinstalled the whole KSP twice but it didn't work out at all. Even manually edit the cfg file to use the stock toolbar instead of blizzy one didn't help.

    And also because it's a bunch of mods being affected so I think it's best to put it here, rather than seeking help in their respective threads.


    So this is the output log:


    And I'm leaving a short list of mods that are suppose to be on the toolbars and their condition:

    Working without any problem:


    Hangar Grid 0.3.0 

    NavUtilities 0.6.1 with unofficial fix

    SCANsat 16.6

    TacLifeSupport 0.12.2

    VesselMover 1.5 with unofficial fix


    Button doesn't appear:


    Docking Port Alignment Indicator 6.4 >> no precision docking maneuver recently that needs DPAI (who needs this when building/ a test surface base at KSC anyway?) but RPM screen suggest it's working ok, just not a button for external view


    Kerbal Alarm Clock >> not even a button in the tracking station


    PersistentRotation 1.5 >> the window appears right after changing into flight scene, but without the button I cannot toggle it off


    Throttle Controlled Avionics >> options of TCA appear in the engines' right click menu, but again no button to bring up the main panel


    Trajectories 1.6.2 >> showing prediction in map view, not a big deal I guess? :P


    Outdated mods, but reportly working in 1.1.3, so possiblely affected too:


    AntennaRange 1.11.3 >> don't see any pretty line being drawn in map view, but who knows?


    TacFuelBalancer 2.8


    Thanks in advance for people who kindly help to diagnose the problem :)