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  1. Update: Deactivating edge-highlighting (as suggested by c_space) also seems to have been effective - thanks for sharing the idea!
  2. Update: adjusting resolution to an equivalent to 1024 x 640 allows for play - not an ideal situation, but at least it will run!
  3. That was a consideration that hadn't occurred to me. looking back, I probably should have noted this is a Macbook Pro with 15" retina display (mid 2014) 2.8 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB. The resolution on mine isn't quite the same as yours (when I checked, it appears they attempted to 'dumb down' the technical language when approaching this element of the machine) the default resolution seems to be equivalent to 1440 x 900 - I will experiment with this and report back.
  4. Thanks for your prompt attention, alas this did not fix the problem. I removed all save files aside from the the training and scenarios and attempted to restart the game and select a new sandbox game - as before the game hung up shortly after bringing up the loading screen. Not sure it's relevant, but I did note a couple of Null Reference Exceptions in the Log file shortly before the hang. (I'd attach a screenshot, but the method of attaching it isn't clear to me)
  5. During my attempts to run 1.1 I find the game loads fine - I can even run some of the scenarios (I'm quite good a crashing the spaceplane) but when I select to start either my old v1.0.5 science game or a brand new sandbox game, the game seems to hang up. I re-downloaded the game via Steam, I updated the OS, I attempted to delete the saved State file as per the FAQ, but sadly none of these helped. What are next steps?
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