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  1. Came here through the Shadowzone Youtube video, and I'm completely amazed by the level of skill and dedication of the modders. Just wanted to say thank you for keeping this amazing game alive and evolving.
  2. Thanks @linuxgurugamer for keeping so many mods alive! You are my absolute hero!
  3. Solved! In the GameData/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/Parts folder there was a folder called 'New Folder', with what looked to be additional copies of the parts. Once deleted, everything works like a charm. So be careful; if you download the USI Constellation package, be sure to delete that rogue extra folder. Thanks to @RookFett, @terwin and @elijahlorden for the support!
  4. Yes, you are right; dumb from my side not noticing. But then the question shifts to: shouldn't I be able to configure the bays of the Tundra Assembly Plant while in the VAB? I'm also not getting any information about the ratios for resources conversion...
  5. Weird thing happening to me; Fresh install of KSP 1.6.1 No other mods Latest USI Constellation mod On the VAB, can't configure the bays of any of the MKS modules: While on my other installation (same USI Constellation, KSP 1.4.5) everything looks perfectly: KSP throws some warnings and errors into the log: [WRN 16:37:30.908] Cannot create config from file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\LifeSupport\Resources.cfg'. Any idea of what is missing?
  6. Aaaaah. Thanks for the explanation, hope I can find some time to learn the in and outs of modding so I can be more helpful.
  7. Apparently @linuxgurugamer has updated the Yonge Tech Tree Editor tool for 1.4; here is the thread.
  8. You are completely right, I missed the new thread. Posting here the URL for those like me that were not aware of it:
  9. Hey @linuxgurugamer, would you consider doing a recompile for 1.4 for this tool? That would be incredibly helpful for @Probus so he hasn't to start from scratch for Engineering Tech Tree. I would love to do it myself but I'm completely lost on even how to start...
  10. Hi @Probus! Thank you very much for this awesome mod, that brings much more meaning (and difficulty) to the stock game. I was wondering if you have plans for updating it to be compatible with KSP 1.4.3 and the DLC, now that additional parts are available...
  11. Right, I didn't knew of this one... it's a pity neither of them are updated to 1.4.1...
  12. Just wanted to say a big thank you to both @Probus and @linuxgurugamer for their amazing work on this mod; this may not be the flashiest mod, but for me it's one that completely changes my approach to the game up to the point of allowing me to start playing it again as new. (Also, it's curious to see how few mods deal with changing the stock tech tree; up to my knowledge, only SETI, Community Tech Tree and Engineering Tech Tree do that... Am I missing any other mod?)
  13. Maybe I edited the defective vessel instead of building a new one and that's why it had the defective part...will check and come back to you. One last thing; the 0.8.0 version zip in GitHub has a completely different folder structure to the one in 0.7.0; in fact is missing the DLL. Os that 0.8.0 version ready to be installed as usual by dropping it on the GameData folder or am I doing something wrong?
  14. A question regarding UPFM parts that have suffered a failure and Scrapyard; if I recover a part that has suffered a failure, it is added to the Scrapyard inventory and then used in the next build... with the same failure it was recovered with. But there is no way of repairing it on the VAB, or of telling Scrapyard not to use a defective part. Am I right? (BTW, thanks for the amazing mod that make simple missions much more interesting... basically by screwing them)
  15. Just a quick line to say thank you very much for your work on this mod; I want to let you know that this mod is the only reason I'm staying on 1.2.2, as it makes career mode make sense.
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