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  1. If you read through the comments at the front of this thread, a lot of people we're not enthralled at the idea of a KSP 2, nor did many actually think it would happen. Now it's happening and my "SQUEE" meter is brokeded.
  2. I'm guessing it's all the scripted actions of the Kerbals, the "story" the trailer was telling, to keep them from having people post after launch "IN THE TRAILER...."
  3. The program is buggy, and this is a clean slate approach to fixing it. New team, none of the code rot from the existing, they are building it from the ground up. If they can make it look anything at ALL like that trailer (I get the comic scripted parts aren't gonna happen) it'll be worth it entirely.
  4. No, you know how mobile games have amazing trailers "Not actual gameplay footage". https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/19/kerbal-space-program-2-arrives-2020/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAANAU_p6tRe3iwBZMIuAcvtWLr0_0mo0wMA_mj2kXIg_sIKnz--W5bDBkSz1AMujRvRTakwAjamp0bA9DIc5ePnGLyW7Zujw6CT-IMDQazTmRcitTH4MXHhcELI0ZEGOkhDEhSi6TfZN82n9vyZoUTVj0BJBq5XJDkJMEqjueqz6E Basically, they built a new game from scratch because KSP's engine couldn't meet the future. Yee. I am most impressed and excited.
  5. Wifey and I were sitting down to watch some youtube, your trailer comes out, I stop to watch the ad cause I'm a sucker for Space games. Also there was no indication at first of the nature of the game being advertised. "What... is that?" I keep watching. "This looks like what Kerbal should have, or a sequel. What is this? This better not be an astro engineers trailer cause it don't look like that...." Wife suggests maybe a mobile game? My pomeranians were most displeased at my shouts when the 2.0 logo came up. You made my night for the record. WELL PLAYED.
  6. I think the "scripted" actions were what that was referring to, but what we saw is what they want to do... OMG... I was watching youtube on my ps4, and was like "what the hell is this? Looks like what KSP should have.... wait.. WHAT??????????"
  7. I'm aware Hollywood and reality aren't often in alignment, but since this is a game... "Wouldn't it be cool..?" And yes I know that Kerbal isn't "specific" to, any countries military, Rocket Science started as a military program, acknowledging that as mission steps would be... proper IMHO. "Launch inert payload on a suborbital trajectory to land within this circle, the closer the better. This is to aid... space navigation, and that Army General has plans too..." Just saying. I do agree that a "REAL" flight sim model would be a powercurve some could not handle, but the one we have is just... broken.
  8. The mods make some good, but the engine is sputtering, flailing. It's time to upgrade.
  9. Actually if the GPU was handling more of the graphics the CPU would have more resources, thus, yes it in fact would. Besides, most of the more modern (since KPS was first put out there) GPU's do a lot better with physics modeling so..)
  10. To be fair, it would take a while to build the game, so...
  11. Much of what needs to be done, could technically be done with the existing, but with the limitations of DX9 places on both the game and the PC's running it. I have a i5 with a 1080Ti and plenty of Ram, yet even I run into part count slow down. That's a problem Better engine would not only boost performance but allow them to expand features and gameplay. I don't think you quite understand how the current Unity engine is underpowered for modern gaming, there is a reason, aside "shiny" new graphics that games are built to work with the newer DX protocols. I'd be quite content with a new "clone" of KSP that delivered a better, smoother and prettier experience and had better capabilities. Oh, earlier when I talked about space planes, I meant Space Shuttles, like replicating a real shuttle launch is a pain in the WAZOO.
  12. DLC can't fix what Kerbal needs, the engine is woefully dated.
  13. Most of what you bring up, you keep saying "I don't think DX12 is needed..." DX12 support would GREATLY improve performance as the way the programming makes the system more fluid and reduces the demands of the CPU and places more graphics onto the GPU. Thus, not only would the game look better, it would run better. You could have more parts. The crux of my points was features I want to see in KSP 2.0. A better graphics engine, better performance, and a more immersive gameplay. While mods and such can replicate much of my requests, due to the game engine limits and using DX9 limits the extent that Kerbal manage. Period. https://www.techradar.com/news/gaming/directx-12-what-is-it-and-why-it-matters-to-pc-gamers-1318636 That should cover the DX discussion if you have any questions. Thus, they need to overhaul the entire game engine, and that's not a light undertaking, and while their at it, they can make some changes
  14. It'd be an optional, that you could have on or not, skippable. I mean, I get chills at the thought of how neat it would be to ride up the elevator to see and feel the size of the ship I just built.
  15. I totes forgot about LS. Good call, and planetary axis tilting! Thank you.
  16. I know, these are a dime a dozen and everyone has an opinion. This is mine. Who am I? An avid KSP player, with 1096 hours logged so far. My dad flew F-4's, I'm a Navy Vet, with a huge Sci Fi Nerd background, and my favorite movie of all time is "The Right Stuff" I love KSP, I do. You don't put 1k+ hours into something that you don't like. Well, at least not something you aren't being paid for However, I have reached a point in playing that it's time for me to address what "I think" needs to be in the next iteration. No not a DLC, the next KSP. But why do we need a KSP 2.0? Simple, the KSP Engine is woefully inadequate at this point. It was great for it's time, it's serviceable, but it's old. It cannot take advantage of the leaps in PC gaming hardware and DX updates. It has memory leaks, it has inabilities that keep the KSP experience... limited. I'll state upfront, I would have zero issues paying 60 for a new KSP, with the amount of time I've put in so far, 60/1096= about $0.05 per hour of ROI. That's how I look at games, is it worth money in terms of time played? So what does KSP 2.0 Need? IMHO of course: 1. DX12 and beyond compatibility. We're in an era where games look better than ever. It's time KSP took advantage of that. 2. A Quarterly set patch Schedule. Imagine if we knew, barring critical security patches in case someone figured out how to use KSP to hack your rig, that on 15Mar, 15Jun, 15Sept and 15Dec KSP would be patched. No surprise patches that wreck your mods, no mess, no fuss. 3. A CKAN built in. Look, I hate manually patching the game, Mods are the lifeblood of the experience. Make a patcher part of the game... please? 4. MekJeb Style Auto Pilot, part of the game. Don't say it's cheating, you can play the career mode with 1000% rewards for science and money if so you choose. Space flights are by their nature highly automated. If you don't like it, don't use it. 5. FP POV, that isn't fisheye. 6. (goes with 5) Imagine, if you, instead of just POOF, were on the runway, or the launch pad, you could walk out/ride out to your aircraft, walk around it, get a feel for its size from the ground. If you took a bus to the launch tower (YES, add launch towers of variable size/function please) and had to ride up the elevator to your launch capsule. The sense of SCALE and SIZE that could be achieved with modern DirectX graphics... 7. As you move up the tech tree, you move from dials, knobs and switches to fully glass cockpits. Sure that Mk1 Capsule was in early game hard wired, but imagine you had a MK1-Delta Variant that was fully glass fly-by-wire affair that you could, with the POV system, fly from ready room to splashdown/touchdown FP! 8. Automated launch functionality (i.e. dual launches) In the movie "First Man" they have Armstrong on the pad as the Agena Target Vehicle launches before he does. Imagine being able to set that up. Put a launch window, a timer and do that mission... Of course, that would mean... 9. Preset Launch vehicles. What I mean is, going off of 8. above, let's say I built a rocket capable of placing, let's call it a 3 ton payload in orbit. I could do the launch, save the launch profile and as long as the next payload is +/- 200lbs the system could launch and do this without me needing to "control it". Just set the launch window and as long as I had funding... 10. Mission Campaigns. Look, the contract system is okay, but it's SOO random. Imagine a "Campaign system" that had you, instead of one mission, launching a tourist right after you first achieve orbit and then it's asking you to plant a flag on the moon... You had missions that lead logically one step at a time ala real NASA launches. First you get that teeny satellite into orbit, and then you get bigger, and bigger payloads and then finally Kerbal's. This is taking both historical and yes the Unmanned before manned mod concepts to their logical next step. 11. A REAL FLIGHT PHYSICS ENGINE. I HATE the flight system in KSP, aircraft building is my "least" favorite part of game. I actually managed to 180 a plane and it flew backwards, just with rudders. Absurd. 12. The Space Shuttle Problem. I don't know about y'all, but I consider it a great achievement to actually successfully put a space plane into orbit. And one of the most aggravating things to build in the game. 13. Give us things to do on planets. I still remember the first time I put Jeb on the Mun, and I called my son over, he was like "Great mom!" and I said "Okay now what do I do?" when he said "Collect science from the surface, EVA science, in the pod, run those two experiments you brought..." and 5 min later I was plotting to return to my mothership for the flight back to Kerbal. What a let down! Yes with mods and such I can "make up missions" but even those are kinda weaksauce. 14. Create a Mod Squad, the say, top 50 modders, bring them in the patch loop, let them test their mods against the patches before the patches are live so that the players, don't either have to "stop updating" and wait for all their mods to catch up or just stop playing till their mod list is updated. That has wrecked more than one space campaign I've run. 15. Atmospheric affects. Yes, I mean clouds, I mean seeing the envelope around the plant. 16. Put a Ceti Alpha Star with planets as end game. Something 4-6 LY out, that should take time to reach in the science tree. That, would be uber cool and allow for amazing sci-fi exploration. 17. Funding should matter. Resources should matter. Build Times, should matter. I know I FF the game just to simulate time passing, it's rather silly I can do the first 4 missions and then launch to the moon on the same day in career mode! 18. Space Stations should be launch platforms late game. Space building, launching. Make finding asteroids, resources on planets matter to be able to build and launch from orbit. Think of the ships you could build that way? 19. Can the Kerbals, a new space faring culture, have a city? Even a town? I've had to "create" absurd theories that they lived underground and that is why there is nothing but a barren green world and a space launch facility. It's stupid, silly, and be great if y'all corrected that. KK Thanks 20. The military was a prime driver of rocket tech, that could be woven into the campaign mode missions. Say a side branch of missions to... test MIRV's hitting targeted areas around the planet. Just as a challenge, I do that. Can I put a small payload on a 30 min or less launch profile and have it hit "the target". Be nice if you added that in too. That above, were it launched as KSP 2.0 would make me, a very very happy gal. If anyone from Squad reads this, thank you for your time.
  17. No, it's an expansion. Companies work to make a profit, and that's' how the world is. Updating the game for life, for free just... wouldn't work. You wouldn't take your car to a dealership and say "Hey this years model has this neat new feature, please upgrade my car, for free!"
  18. Why should they make it free? They don't work for free, they need to get paid, to be compensated for their time and effort.
  19. I want glass cockpits standard as an upgrade for later space craft. I want a fully instrumented craft I could fly an entire mission from launch to landing from a FP View.
  20. It's a thought, but then again... last time I did that I missed like 2 updates. Really irked me lol
  21. It's why I hope like heck they are quietly making Kerbal 2.0 on a whole new engine, built for multithreading, higher resolution graphics, built in MECH JEB(please for all that is good...) and a real flight physics system that actually... feels like you're flying.
  22. Nothing cause my fave mods still broke. #grr
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