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    [1.2.2] StationKeeping - Precise Synchronous Orbits

    Hi there, I have a couple of questions about this mod. Would there be compatibility issues between Station Keeping and a mod like Kessler Syndrome which adds an option to enable vessel orbital decay? And if the mods are compatible, does Station Keeping include some mechanic for resource usage to maintain a given orbit? Basically what I'm asking is if Station Keeping can be used alongside Kessler Syndrome to essentially become the old "Orbital Decay" mod.
  2. Couldn't find anything else in the thread about this - does this mod have any gameplay compatibility issues with Kerbal Health?
  3. Just a small note for @JPLRepo (assuming you have anything to do with CKAN support): I've found that CKAN does not add Community Category Kit as a dependency for TAC-LS, and without it the parts are inaccessible in the editor menu.
  4. Hmm, weird, those two lines are definitely in there, but the temperature highlighting remains If anyone else following this could test this fix as well, more data points would be very helpful: Don't forget to check out that working copy of DRE 7.5.0 @Starwaster; maybe being able to check the before and after of whatever changed in the past week would be helpful.
  5. @Starwaster Okay, so that cfg definitely solves the exploding issue, but has a minor consequence; I guess since you raised some temp values, the stock critical temperature gauge thinks it needs to be displayed for the Kerbal at all times. Is that an unavoidable byproduct of this fix, or just a result of a temporary solution (just out of curiosity; between F2 and Through The Eyes of a Kerbal, I could live with it if need be)? Edit: In case it's helpful, the new Thermal Mass and Skin Thermal Mass values are 312.7 kj/K and 15.4 kj/K, respectively. Also, it might be worth checking out this copy of DRE, which is 7.5.0 and in which the exploding issue never came up; it was downloaded a few days ago:
  6. Was just out walking the dog, so I missed the first upload of that cfg anyways I'll grab it now and load up KSP. Alright I'll definitely take a look, but on that description alone it sounds like a good direction to go IMO (I'm a "MOAR realism! MOAR challenge!" type of player ); harsher Kerbal temp limits just means stricter mission planning, which I enjoy, and really it makes more sense from a realism standpoint. Edit: P.S., Glad you're getting somewhere in figuring it out; I hope my feedback was helpful. Thanks very much for your efforts!
  7. My tests from today have all been with only DRE; when I tested in orbit at Jool, I'm pretty sure Realistic Atmospheres was still installed, and I set the orbit to 7000000 (going by memory, not in front of my computer right now, but it was set to just a bit higher than the lowest orbit the cheat menu will safely allow for Jool). But I think the log I provided in my last post is more relevant, since it's only DRE installed and I got the same immediate exploding on EVA bug that @Headrip reported in orbit (which is more game-breaking than what I thought I saw at Jool). For clarity, the last log was with DRE + MM only and in ~80km orbit around Kerbin, where Jeb exploded immediately on EVA. Edit: The Jool thing might've been some interaction between Realistic Atmospheres and ReentryParticleEffect, and I don't think it's related to this bug.
  8. @Starwaster I've been testing on the launchpad, and once in low orbit where there were streaming flame effects eminating from the Kerbal (specifically low Joolian orbit, for no particular reason other than the view, and at that time I had my other mods installed including Realistic Atmospheres). I can hop on now and Set Orbit to an 80km LKO and see what happens. Edit: Can confirm that as @Headrip observed, the Kerbal explodes immediately on EVA while in orbit; here is a fresh output_log from that test: (accidentally replaced the first output_log I posted, but I'll assume you downloaded that already)
  9. Thermal Mass = 71.5 kj/K Skin Thermal Mass = 3.5 kj/K Edit: It's probably worth mentioning that when I couldn't recreate the issue earlier, I think I was inadvertently just using the earlier working download of DRE (just a few days difference, same version), and the issue returned when I tried a fresh download of DRE. Also, the max temp cheat wasn't necessary, as the Kerbal is fine while holding onto the craft, it's only when he lets go that he immediately explodes, hence my suspicion that the issue is related to moving through the atmosphere. Edit: Sorry for edit bloating; I just realized you might have been asking for thermal data of the Kerbal once it lets go of the ladder. Just tested and there's no change in the Thermal Mass or Skin Thermal Mass. Here are the two copies of DRE I've been referring to (both 7.5.0), the first is apparently working fine, the second is the fresh download with the issue: Working: Broken: P.S. Where would I edit that ?dl=0 to ?dl=1?
  10. Definitely good to know, I'll do that now for those files, if anything just to familiarize myself.
  11. K well now I'm really confused especially since @Headrip seems to have experienced the same thing. Upon attempting to recreate the issue again today to get the logs, I can't get it to happen again in any configuration (DRE and MM only on my clean 1.2.2 backup, DRE and MM only on the copy I was using initially, DRE and all my other mods, nothing). Also, at this point the output_log has been delete and recreated multiple times (deleted it so the new one would only show the issue). If @Headrip manages to recreate it, then we've got something, but otherwise I guess it'll just be a mystery. EDIT: Recreation successful, logs imminent. Is there a better way to provide logs than this?:
  12. Didn't notice this being mentioned in the past number of pages, so hopefully it hasn't already been addressed. Deadly Reentry is causing Kerbals on EVA to explode the instant they're in a state of falling in atmosphere (as in letting go of a ladder on the launchpad). In low orbit they seem to catch fire. The confusing thing is that the bug doesn't occur with a copy of the mod I downloaded a day or two ago, but it does with the copy I downloaded to test 10 minutes ago, both the most recent version (7.5.0), with both MM 2.7.5 and 2.7.6 installed and no other mods. As far as I can tell, no error messages come up when it happens, so I wasn't sure what I could provide there. If this issue isn't being experienced by anyone else, I'll either figure out what logs to post, or just use the working copy and be happy :P. Really odd though.
  13. I'm experiencing a minor visual bug which seems to be directly caused by this mod (I've tested it with just Ven Stock Part Revamp + MM installed, and compared to completely stock). When Ven's is installed, I'm getting strange aero visual effects; here are some pictures testing it with the Aeris 4A. This is the craft in flight with no mods installed: And this is the craft in flight with just Ven's + MM installed: Ignore velocity and altitude; the odd visual effects start showing up at the same time as the normal visual effects. I'm not sure if this is causing any actual issues beyond the visual effects, but I don't believe it is. P.S. This is the first time I've tried to include photos in a post, and couldn't figure out how to just add them straight into the post. Edit: Just starting thinking about it, and maybe the issue is being caused by some specific part(s), and I was only testing with the Aeris 4A; I'll go fly a few more craft with Ven's installed and see if I can find anything out. Edit 2: So after some cursory testing, I'm fairly certain that the external fuel lines are causing the exaggerated effects. I tested the stock Osprey, switched it's Panther out for a Whiplash, traded vertical control surfaces between the Osprey and the Aeris 4A, and a few other similar re-combinations, and the only time the exaggerated effects show up is when the external fuel lines are present (most noticeably on the Aeris 4A). Switched back to fully stock to make sure, and the exaggerated effects do not appear at all, fuel lines or otherwise.
  14. RocketRyleigh

    Sigma Dimensions

    Thanks very much for those numbers OhioBob! I'm just getting around to Kerbal now so I'm going to test out all of the suggestions I've gotten from this awesome thread! I'm glad that it's this active (and that Sigma88 is so present in the thread as well), as I really need SD for my rescaling because of its landscape scaling (even just retaining the geography; the other non-RSS rescale mod I tried was Harder Solar System, and it suffered from the stretched/flattened geography issue as well). Edit: Also it's just an amazingly configurable mod... Now to launch a few sounding rockets to find my ideal settings!
  15. RocketRyleigh

    Sigma Dimensions

    Thanks a lot to both of you. I was leaning towards a higher atmosphere for the challenge so I'll check out the 92km settings and go from there. Between your suggestions I've definitely got enough info to work with.