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  1. Here's a question: KWP on a JNSQ Kerbin with Kerbal Konstructs launch sites, and KWP set to point weather data. Will KWP have an issue with the KSC location on JNSQ-Kerbin, and then would the point weather launch conditions get applied to other detected launch sites, like ones added by KK?
  2. Question: As far as compatibility, specifically with Nertea's Near Future suite, do I have the right impression that not all of the Near Future mods require explicit support from Kerbalism? Namely the mods that only add engines etc. The only aspect I can think of that might would be reliability stuff being applied to mod engines, but then I wonder if maybe that gets dealt with through part modules so would be automatic. The TL;DR here is just wondering if things like Near Future Launch Vehicles/Propulsion/anything with mainly/only engines require explicit support, or if it's mainly the crewed/antenna/science/electricity-related parts that need it. Edit: The specific mod breakdown I'm thinking is something like: NF Solar, Spacecraft, Electrical = the ones with some explicit support NF Construction, Propulsion, Launch Vehicles = ones that might not need it NF Aeronautics, Exploration = ones that would need explicit support added which don't have it now Close? Or is it exclusively mods on the list after all?
  3. Dunno why I didn't think of that lol, thank you! I'll just try the last release. Edit: Bingo, thanks! I'll keep my eyes open for both JNSQ and Scatterer's next updates, but Scatterer 0.0772 works fine. Thank you as well btw, I'll check that out! Edit: I am noticing it's not listed on Kerbalism's mod compatibility page, RealAntennas that is. As is I can probably get by - JX2 (which is recommended by JNSQ) is listed as supported by Kerblism.
  4. Same result for me with Scatterer/JNSQ/provided configs. Eve doesn't look completely black now, but like it's barely lit and the colour isn't really apparent. Would I maybe be better off dropping Scatterer until I guess JNSQ updates that on it's end? https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/wiki/Home-~-Mod-Support RemoteTech 1.9.5 Supported Note : not yet, support will be back in 4.0 Code integration with the science data system, reliability configs.
  5. I'll give those a try, thank you very much! I'm gonna get to it likely before you'd reply anyways and I'll find out, but along with those configs and JNSQ, all I need installed is the Scatterer mod itself right? It's one of those mods I'm never 100% sure will need external configs, cause some mods seem to provide them (like JNSQ), or like, if I'll still need the stock planet configs or not. Sidenote:
  6. Sorry, I tried to figure out the answer first, and I know CKAN would solve this specifically but no. Having the same JNSQ issue, atmospheres completely unlit/black for a number of bodies. The answer given to the other person asking was to update configs, but I'm not sure where I should be getting them separate from what's inside Scatterer and JNSQ already.
  7. Thank you! I had looked in my save folder once, but I don't always think to check weird file extension types with Notepad++, I think from dealing with Minecraft and obfuscated data and stuff. FYI the setting is called "DSNModifier", so for future reference, you could even just skip messing with the slider, and just start up that save and ctrl+f for "DSN" in the persistence.sfs. I actually slightly misspoke. I was trying to find out how to set up RemoteTech to use with JNSQ such that it's as close to the same balance as the suggested CommNet+JNSQ settings (mainly the x4 DSN range modifier - how to replicate that with RT). But also I'm not using RemoteTech anymore until Kerbalism 4.0 adds compatibility, so I can kick the question down the road lol. Thanks anyways!
  8. So I'd definitely still like to know about how to set up RemoteTech with JNSQ to give the intended balance, but it's not compatible with Kerbalism for now. So new question: How in the heck do I wrangle this DSN range modifier slider, or otherwise set the value, to actually get an exact number I want (like 4.00, for JNSQ)? I managed 4.02 with 120% UI scale lol, but it wasn't easy. IS there even a better way? Or should I be happy with .02 off the mark?
  9. From the JNSQ changelog, it looks like the antenna range modifier was added for RemoteTech. So I'd think that, if for CommNet you're just increasing the DSN range modifier, that increasing RT's Mission Control range would be equivalent since both sets of antenna ranges are already adjusted by JNSQ. I think the important question then, from anyone who knows RemoteTech, is how RT's default Mission Control range compares to the default CommNet DSN range, so I know what multiplier to use. Also just tell me if I'm wrong about everything so far - I know they also model signals/connectivity differently.
  10. Two-part question: Is RemoteTech usable with JNSQ? Assuming yes, if I wanted to get the intended balance etc, would the way to set it up be to disable CommNet and apply the 4x range increase instead to RemoteTech's Mission Control Range Multiplier?
  11. That would've been my first guess at compatibility. BetterTimeWarp seemed inherently more overlapping, but then I was just thinking about any mods adding background anything in questioning PersistentRotation. Works for me though, thanks AGAIN @Gordon Dry. PR is the important one anyways, and I don't really want slow-mo either, it'd just've been for general improved timewarping, but I don't care really.
  12. Quick question: Would/does Kerbalism have any issue with PersistentRotation? And for that matter, BetterTimeWarp? I only wondered about those two because of how much Kerbalism needs to handle in the background, and I don't really know where regimes of processing begin and end in KSP.
  13. To get the thread back on track: Dovahkiin had a question earlier which got steamrolled by my stuff. @Dovahkiin2132Could you go into your Kerbal Space Program folder and find at least the "KSP.log" file? Share it through something like https://pastebin.com/ and give the link, or at least put it in a spoiler (the eye) if you paste it straight to the forum. Logs are usually the best first step. An earlier user was advised to make sure they have up-to-date versions of "ToolbarController" and "ClickThroughBlocker" installed properly when they had the same issue without Kronometer (which DOES work with FAR after all, for the record - just not old versions).
  14. I should've reminded myself the username of the new maintainer, definite faux pas lol. @dkavolis definitely gets all the credit! I think I've just seen you on the forums and my brain saw a familiar name and just jumped to conclusions.
  15. Thank you for the first part, about some KSP session still running - I have seen that before in task manager, just not sure when/why it happens and didn't know CKAN would trip out over it. And I definitely will be using a separated install of KSP, and also do my mods manually. I'm sure you guys get a lot of questions that'd be solved by using CKAN, but I know how to build a modpack, and in my case it's more reliable doing it manually than using the mod manager. Thank you for maintaining FAR as well - I'm just loading my full install for a FINAL test to confirm Kronometer and FAR work together after all. I'll let you know, even if I'm actually the last one learning this. Edit: FAR/Kronometer compatibility confirmed, BUT:
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