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  1. Not sure where to post this but it's the first time I'm playing Realism Overhaul and RP-0 and everything worked great so far, with one exception: my Kerbals immediately explode when they do an EVA. It happens on land, on water and in space. According to the flight report they burned up from overheating. I've installed everything using CKAN. Does anyone have an idea which mod could cause that?
  2. Not sure if related but I've noticed that when using the fastest time warp speed you often run out of power, which means the scrubber gets disabled, which means you are using a lot more oxygen than you are supposed to.
  3. @ShotgunNinja Thanks again for the mod, still playing it and still liking it! Just two things: I recently had a bug with the greenhouse. For some reason the growth rate stated -infinity and was basically broken because of that. I'm not sure what caused this bug, I did nothing out of the ordinary and I'm not sure exactly when it changed so I can't tell you how to reproduce it. I fixed it by editing the save file, so at least my Kerbals survived. Do Kerbals react to stress and radioactivity differently? Some seem to lose their minds faster than others even when they have been in the same vessel for the exact same time. How is this determined?
  4. @ShotgunNinja To be honest, editing or deleting stuff in config files is kind of scary for not so tech-savvy people and only people who read through the whole thread will know what to do and how to do it. Have you ever considered adding a huge ingame interface with a hundred checkboxes and sliders so everybody can easily fine-tune your mod? (But I guess this would be a ton of work.)
  5. @cheeseit Which version are you using? Sounds like an older version, malfunction rates have been reduced since then.
  6. Is there a rough ETA on this update? I would like to start a new career game but don't want to miss out on the new mechanic. Also I haven't tried the newest version, but with the previous one I noticed a weird behavior with electricity. I slinged a probe way past the orbit of Eeloo and once the solar panels didn't generate enough EC for the probe core, the batteries drained, as expected. But when going into timewarp, it suddenly added a bit of charge back to the batteries. The higher the timewarp speed, the more charge (about 12 EC per battery at max speed) was added and very slowly drained while in timewarp.
  7. No, radiation poisoning gets reset when they are back at KSC.
  8. Love the idea, my only concern would be performance. Is there a noticable impact once you have dozens of satellites all around the system being simulated?
  9. @Paul Kingtiger Have you had a chance to look into Kerbalism yet? Do you think you are going to support it?
  10. Agreed. Sending an unmanned probe to Eeloo is almost impossible. One way to fix it would be to not halve the range, but to require more energy for science transmissions instead when malfunctioning. @ShotgunNinja Would it be possible to somehow highlight broken parts (similar to how crew parts are highlighted when you select crew transfer) so that it's easier to select them for repair? As it should be. In the stock game it's about as easy to land on Duna and come back than to go to the Mun. I believe the weight of food is well balanced, it also encourages you to include the greenhouse module for longer trips. Not a fan of this idea. The point of the mod is to make the game more realistic (while still being fun), medics with magic radiation poison healing capabilities would be the exact opposite of that. @IGNOBIL Not OP, but I think some dedicated entertainment parts could be useful.
  11. But if you have an engineer on board, you can always just hop out and repair it anyway. I think the bigger problem with the part failures are probes and satellites, which aren't really balanced. It happens so often, that it doesn't make sense to not plan for it, like giving it twice the reaction wheels or twice the solar panels. While the need for redundancy makes sense and is a great gameplay mechanic, it kind of gets pointless if you just have to double everything because you know all solar panels will fail within a few years or even months and their output gets halved. What if only scientists would be able to take surface samples? You also need them for the science labs, so they are still useful. @ShotgunNinja The framework concept sounds awesome, can't wait. For me personally, I would either greatly reduce or completely disable solar storms and moderately reduce part failures. Will this be possible? The living space, food/oxygen, and background radiation/shielding mechanics seem very well balanced and pretty much perfect in my mind.
  12. Shielding doesn't deplete, but you still have to worry. It just slows down radiation poisoning (I believe to roughly 10 years right now when fully maxed out) and doesn't completely stop it. You can see the duration in the VAB mod interface on page 2.
  13. So if I were to double the max_lifetime amount for all the parts in the Malfunctions.cfg, I would (roughly) cut the malfunctions in half, right?
  14. If you deactivate the scrubber and don't use the reaction wheel too much, you should get at least one full orbit out of the built in battery.