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[Alert: long Reading] Hi everyone, im gonna request two things, this are not for novice modders because it can get pretty complicated pretty far, I will code it myself, but I dont know anything about mods, possibly many things I describe are impossible to do in ksp, but procedural have been proven possible First: "Procedural panels", something im surprised that nobody had done yet, this mod is a tool to help players to make bigger and simpler creations that before needed lots and lots of stock panels to made, this will improve performance when using such creations as also will make more easier to make them, with much better detail, as an example, the mod "WW2 warships" can use this mod as a base for its parts, making its big and heavy part-count ships a lot less lagI gy, making big ships battle much more easy for even low specs users (and easier carrier builds) ( if this becomes a reality and the owner of ww2 warships want this as a base for its mod, it should not be denied for the creator of this mod) The mod features should be: * Panels that can change not only on size, also they should change of form to any figure you may want, triangles, squares, hexagons, concave shapes, etc. The modder may want to limit the ammount of vertex than a pannel can have to a reasonable ammount, also if is based on the b9 procedural wings, and have same ui, it may be good idea to have a button to change the starter panel figure *The sides of the panels have to be resizeable to archieve the desired form * it may be compatible with Bahamuto weaponry, in this case, the thickness of the panel should be editable, making the panel more heavy, and harder to destroy, as well in collisions * "Procedural collision stress" what I mean is if (example) a car made of that panels crash, and have thin pannels, those panels may "unweld" easier that if the car is made of strong thick panels, this give another meaning to the thickness making the users think about where put thick panels, where put thin ones, not only work for tanks, also for big base foundations giving more strategy to the game And most important one *procedural skins*: pannels can be allowed to change of color from a pallette, so the user can take the one whatever it want, black, white, sky blue, Grey, any color or tone the user wants should be able to paint the panels, but also they can be "skinned" or "textured", for example the mod brings at default a desert camo skin, the user should be able to skin the panel an edit the way its placed, for example it can rotate the pattern and edit the proportion making a small patter that repeat itself a lot inside the panel or viceversa, also the mod shoul have the ability to add and use custom skins propotionated by the user This is to allow the users to make even beter creations *compatibility for: bahamuto weaponry, FAR, (possible: Procedural Weaponry) (optional) the ability to add a sticker, and edit it size and rotation independently of the texture placed, also needs to be able to add custom ones I know all of this will be difficult to make and will need a lot of time to make, if at the start the panels editable shape and thickness is done as well as the procedural welding stress, it will not matter if the skins and colors are not ready, the compatibility with Bahamuto must be done at release And now the interesting part, the reazon why I dont make two request post is because both mods are thinked to be one for eachother, if any moderator thinks I should split them, I will dont worry about it, also its able to split itself if he/she wants to. "Procedural Weaponry" This mod consists on begin able to edit the weapons for they own benefits, for example: We chose a part called "Procedural cannon" is a fixed-mount cannon, that can be edited in many ways, you can change its caliber, it can be 20mm (minimum), it can be 75, 110, even 500 (excessive, still it will be interesting to have a bigger cap for the maximum) When you change it all the cannon grows in size, still you can modify its barrel length, making its shell faster, more powerful, you can modify its breech length making (hipoteticaly) the shell casing more long, making your shell even faster and powerful, with higher recoil, and also you can edit the traverse and elevation limits, with a maximum of 180°, 90° respectively, traverse speed is procedural based on the weight and size of the gun, it can be added an Armour panel if is desired to protect its crew from MG or cannon fire (thickness editable), other option is a radial cannon, a gun mounted in a "manlet" When editing you will be able to see important information about the gun, like its size (long x wide x tall), mass, traverse speed (degrees) and Ammo size as the velocity of the shell The ammo size is the main parameter to separate the ammo of one gun from another, if you have two 110mm cannons, but one have a smaller breech, then they will not be able to share the ammo (if they have the same breech but diferent cannon lenght, they can share it) For this is needed a procedural ammo rack, an item capable of hold a type of desired ammo depending on its "length" and the desired caliber specified, if the breech have a length of "11", the rack will need to have a lenght of "11" to be able to hold the ammo for the desired weapon, if the gun caliber is 110mm, it will have to be specified in the ui, the wide and tall of the rack will determine how many ammo will hold, it will be cool to have the feature of begin able to double the ammo count adding twice the length of the breech, but it will enter in conflict with other guns if is there another gun of same caliber but double size breech, so if you want to double, add another rack (other option could be preselecting the gun for each rack) Also there are turrets, they can be edited in different ways as well, they cannons have the same edit logic as normal ones but they come in a rotative turret with editable shape, first you will be able to chose 1 or 6 cannons on it, up to 10 if it have MG caliber (14mm or less), when adding more and more cannons, it will make the turret bigger and wider, you can change the slope of its sides, and the thickness of its Armour, it will have a minimal size depending on the size and lenght of the guns, also the ammount of them in the turret, it maybe will be capable of add a sub caliber coaxial gun if the turret have one cannon, maximum elevation of the gun is 180 degrees, minimum will be 20-25 degrees The rest of the ordinance can remain normal as they need a feacture implemented in skillful weapons mod, that it would be capable of begin reloaded-replaced when in-game using the kerbals, clicking in the "mounts", a really important feature, it may work selecting what payload you can load in each mounts and then edit them, but it will far more easy to have no editable payloads, and will may add unnecessary complexity Now there is a more important point related to the guns, the mod is thinked to simulate the "penetration" of the guns, as well if it will ricochet or not, this will have to use the procedural panels mod to do so, using them as armor plates, the panels can be used like the real life, making the exterior Armour of a tank, letting us to put kerbals inside using the seats, if the shell "pen" the Armour, then it will follow its path and damage anything on it, the ksp stock parts, kerbals and the panels should have "life points", once they reach "0" it gets destroyed, some items can get pen and get some damage but not destroyed instantly, like panels, it should have a lot of life, enough to get pen a lot of times destroying anything behind it before geting destroyed itself, kerbals should die pretty easy, ammo racks too (protect them obviously), fuel cells can explode like fuel tanks, but only with a chance, cells will have a chance when on, fuel tanks will get increasingly depending on how much fuel it left (less will have more), tanks with fuel-oxider explode instantly when penned, batteries will not longer function as well as cannons, etc Guns can use AP,aphe and HE shells, HE shells will not have a pen value, but they do a lot of life damage in a radius on detonation, if they take half the life of the Armour plate, it will considered a penetration and damage the inside, if its not, it will be absorbed by the Armour, but still will aply force to the vehicle (not too exaggerated still can unweld something, kick kerbals from their seat) APHE shells will pen the armour (reduced value) and if its successful it will explode dealing life damage in a radius determined by the size of it,inside the vehicle making an expansive force (lower than HE shells of same size) bombs, he rockets and any explosive payload will act like he shells Compatibility: FAR And thats pretty much it, it have missing details but I maked it too long, comment any ideas or suggestions to make our modders inspire, also your opinions, mine is it will too complicated, the procedural guns most of it, the pannels are quite dificult but somewhat they have Been done before, only with quadrangle shapes Thanks to get this far XD (you not cheated right?) please be polite in the comments, if you have a negative opinion is well received always if is not offensive
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