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  1. I have rx480 8gb+ i7 4770+ 16 gb and get around 30-60 40 at ksc 30 just drops around kerin 60 in space/ looking up while in flight
  2. 1. download North Kerbin weaponry 2. put into gamedata and delete the version number which is like v0.83 3. Download BDArmory v0.2.1.2 - Armor Update 4. Install BDArmory 5. Profit ???
  3. Comprehensive KSP Skybox Creation Tutorial

    rx 480 should be good enough right I get good frames it just crashes. Cpu is a i7 4770.
  4. Comprehensive KSP Skybox Creation Tutorial

    space engine crashes too much.
  5. You must be looking at the 1.1 bd armory thread. BDArmory v0.2.1.2 is the one compatible with 1.3 and this version of NKD.
  6. it's compatible just not with the current bd armory and people can't seems to remove the version number.
  7. Have you deleted the numbers after Korth Kerbin Weaponry in gamedata? Also bd armory had a new release and I'm notsure how it affects the current NKW.
  8. Demonstration Videos Note - parts for these vessels are mainly found in SM Marine and Large Boat Parts There is a new torpedo and sonar parts included in this release also looks like scatter and eve.
  9. Furniture mod.

    That link works fine for me. there's no impolite language but it's kinda funny.
  10. I think you need remove version number in bigger text.
  11. [1.0] Sunflares of Maar: Stock & SSRSS Packs

    thank you for helping.
  12. [1.0] Sunflares of Maar: Stock & SSRSS Packs

    I copied scatter's Sun.config asset path into Dwarf and then deleted Sun.cfg and renamed Dwarf to Sun. then put the flares where scatter keeps its flares. It shows the flare but again it's still the stock sun over it. I'm just trying to make the sun appears smaller in the sky and I like the flares.