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  1. Greetings, Pilots The AirCombat Lite series of crafts are designed with minimum mod usage, using only on Airplane Plus for aesthetics and functional parts and BDArmory for armaments Using minimum mods should help for users with less-advanced computers who can't put on 50+ mods or they'll melt their computers, also to ensure widespread use because some people just don't want to use certain mods TAF (Tuna Air Force) and TNAF (Tuna Naval Aviation Force) crafts are mainly based on US jet aircrafts, some are replica, some are not Feel free to use these crafts as OPFOR to help you design and fine-tune your aircrafts -TunaEmperor The Hangar TNAF F-102 Auk - Download TAF F-107 Asp - Download TAF F-8 Krait - Download LFX-G - Download Universal Key Features Every craft have enough fuel for at least 1 hour flying time in dry mode for afterburning engines (measured with KER) Every craft with afterburning engines uses RCS key to toggle afterburners BDA AI flight control module for every craft is calibrated to loiter at 8000m altitude, 200m/s airspeed BDA Weapon Manager and onboard cannons/machineguns for every craft is set at 500m gun range for realistic dogfighting
  2. successfully refueled 2 jets at once can the "activate probe" function be tied to an action group? juggling control between multiple crafts was kinda hectic
  3. So apparently refueling a large aircraft is a simple one click process but trying to align the crafts with BDA AI and Wing Commander was a nightmare I Recommend using Atmospheric Autopilot to keep the refueling aircraft level and stable
  4. this should be stock those few degrees misalignments on station building just liquides me off
  5. Just a suggestion maybe we should resize sxt cockpits to 1.25m too just like the engines For more varieties because everyone seems to only use mk1 inline cockpits or the command seat for now
  6. "MOAR POWER" isn't always the answer though My 38kn engined fighter loses to the 35kn engined one all the time even though they're basically identical planes with a different engine installed due to the 35kn engine being lighter
  7. Very late question but since that .50 cal blister pod is essentially 2 MGs in a single pod, does it count as 12.7 pts or 25.4 pts?
  8. I suggest that the plane should have names and not just code or numbers Something like "P-47-D28" shouldn't be allowed but something like "P-47-D28 Thunderbolt" or simply "P-47 Thunderbolt" should be ok I-15 "Chaika", I-16 "Ishak", Me-262 "Schwalbe", Fw-200 "Condor", P-40 "Tomahawk", A6M "Zero", J7W "Shinden", come on guys be a little more creative than just numbers and letters Since it would be easier to remember and sort the names rather than some random numbers
  9. dan akhirnya bikin id cuma buat ikutan BAD-T wwww
  10. I made an account just for this tournament good luck on your battles gentlemen and see you on the next BAD-T