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  1. Hey, when loading in my existing career I get two errors from Contractconfigurator, related to the Remotetech contractpack. First one: The second one appears when I change scenes: If that matters: I'm using the dev 522 version of remotetech. And my ksp.log: Let me know if you need something else. QuickEdit: That was btw with the dev .dll you posted on the last page to test for some issues. But the same issue appeared with the latest contractConfigurator release
  2. Ah you're right. I've found it in my log, but only 2-3 entries. Probably why i didn't notice it. But despite the Exception it worked just fine on a quick test
  3. Are you sure you installed the right version? There is a 1.5.x branch for ksp 1.1.1 and a 1.6.x branch for ksp 1.1.2 I just tested it and it worked without any exceptions in the log (Used Trajectories 1.6.1 on KS 1.1.2 installed through CKAN because I'm lazy <.<) Edit: That is with a basic test from deorbiting and old probe from above kerbin. I haven't played with the settings and tested accuracy. Just happy that the last mod of my essentials to play is updated. Awesome work man
  4. Thats because one of the B9 Dependencies (B9 Animation Module) is registered with 1.0.5 compatibility on CKAN. And as long as not all dependencies are fullfilled, CKAN will not show the new B9 Version. But nothing stopping you from installing manually and letting CKAN take over whenever this is fixed
  5. Hey. I really like your Mod. It's (In my opionion) in many ways the best base system (Looks stock-alike, fits well within standard sizes, super modular, highly functional etc.). And that rover cockpit looks fantastic. Even if Roverdude is making something similar, I would rather prefer to not download a whole 'nother part heavy modpack. Of course it's up to you if you want to take on so much additional work, but just so you know: I (and probably many other people here) would love to have a Rover made by you, fitting your own mod theme and integrating into your base system as a whole.