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  1. observation: feature requesting is trending. action: *jumps on wagon* suggestion: I'd like to see the team system expanded into a custom faction system with adjustable relations. Perhaps, >.> on top of a little bit of collaboration with the dmp team? maybe even some airspace "biomes" with random encounters (of low count assets). reality: i want a lot of things that i cannot have. farewell: farewell. post script: lol
  2. Thank you Spanner! I am sure(ish) I speak for everyone interested when I say: We all appreciate this very much, Thank you!
  3. How about a periodic "as is" release? Perhaps, once per version change? That way people can taste the different flavors as your tastes evolve, as you said, you're always removing and adding. It could be something of a "special" release. That way you can still show that you do in fact care for your art, because after all you did put a lot of effort into these, undoubtedly. I think you could do something like that without too much effort. Let it be clear in the initial OP of how *you* want to maintain the project. But ultimately the choice is still yours. Edit: Also, idea, so that you do not need a dedicated thread. You could just have a link to your latest release in your Signature. Possibly just a link in the OP of this thread. Anyway, just ideas. Good luck.
  4. What if you were to release them to a cloud service with a nice big "NO SUPPORT" disclaimer?
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