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  1. Problem fixed. As it turns out I was using ModularFlightIntergrator for 1.2.2. I must have forgot to remove it when I got rid of most of my mods and upgraded to KSP 1.3.
  2. The game doesn't reach the main menu. The loading screen is fully completed, but the game freezes and the main menu never appears. I have 8GB of ram, and I'm going to monitor the game's memory usage while it's loading. This is what happens: When the game first starts, it uses ~600MB of RAM. This slowly increases as the game loads (5-20MB per second) until it completes loading and it's using about 1.2-1.3GB. However, when it freeezes, the game seems to uncontrollably leak memory, using 50-75MB more RAM per second. After ~30-45 seconds it was using approaching 3GB!
  3. Also, while the game is frozen, after a couple of minutes my computer slows down a lot, and it comes up with that "Microsoft Windows" End Process dialog box. It may close after a few seconds. My computer can lag so much the time doesn't move. Eventually, after 5-10 minutes, the game crashes. [I also Alt+Tab'ed out after about 5-6 minutes, and the game stayed running for ~4 more minutes, and then crashed]
  4. The game freezes and crashes after the loading screen. I have: - Kerbal Star Systems with all additional systems, but not the Scatterer or Enviroment extensions [version 2.7.3] - HyperEdit 1.5.6 for ksp 1.3.1 - Kopernicus 1.3.1-3 and MechJeb 2.6.9 Here is my error.log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D0jQRi1j4nJFwI0AC9WDGu8UZJYn93QM and my KSP.log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZOwrl3BRd5F3wpBwIf991BBAcJgdIJHl thanks in advanced [edit 7:16pm: sorry, i accidentally pressed enter earlier while writing this post]
  5. Is it possible to modify the existing planetary system in Kopernicus? Thanks in advance.
  6. the planets move too NVM in my idea, the planets move too (sorry for double post)
  7. OK here's a more in-depth explanation. (This will work for more than 2 players) Say there's 2 players. One's launching from Kerbin and is at 88,000m, and one's just finished a transfer to Duna. The one that is travelling to Duna warps so they can get to duna quick. That stays the same. But, when they come out of warp, this happens: 1. All planetary objects update to their new position after someone warps. 2. The people that aren't warping are teleported to the same place, but above the new planetary position. People that are currently warping see it when
  8. No, what I'm proposing is every object automatically SYNCS to the object that completed warping once it finished warping. So the planet moves to the position it would be in, and if someone is travelling to that planet, they will be teleported to the planet's new position in such a way that they don't notice anything. Same for people leaving planets.
  9. If anyone wanted to make multiplayer for KSP, the warping is a huge problem. Because: 1. The planets and moons will move too. 2. You will have to sync the planetary positions somehow. 3. You also have to sync player positions. My solution is: Say someone is going to Jool and warps 10000x to do so. The server then waits until the warp is finished (maybe with a special server signal) and the ship (to the other players) moves to Jool for example. If someone else is going to Jool and the planet moves, their position is updated so they don't see anything. This happens with
  10. You know why am I doing this and MS704 at the same time? Because. Kerbal Shorts is a series of 12 shorts mainly based around five kerbals, the original four and Alex. The first four episodes will not be connected but episodes 5 through 12 will be a minmus story arc, excluding 6 and 10, which are episodes based on other kerbals (the implication is that they are en-route to Minmus, and that the episode would be too boring as a full episode. There will be scenes at the start with the main five characters though. Episode 1 is complete, and will be uploaded to youtube on my Pokesan
  11. chapter 2 coming soon, i have other projects aswell
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