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  1. What a problem with MechJeb? You can get an actual version for 1.2 RSP.
  2. Is the are a special conditions for asteroids appearance? I spend a lot of time in career game and I have already open full tech tree. Could you help me please?
  3. Oh, thank you so much! And I'm sorry for such stupid question.
  4. I have some problem with game control. When I output my crew outside of the spaceship, I can control only the last kerbal, and I can't do any manipulation with another. So, I must to return into "Space Center", and choose another kerbal in "Tracking Station". Is there another ways?
  5. Thanks for your advice, i have install it. Now I will try to use it - it is very interesting.
  6. I need your help! I can't install krps in Python 2.7.11 I have already downloaded an zip archive with krpc0.3.3 version, but I don't understand where i have to unzip this file? I need more detailed instruction. Could you help me?
  7. 1. When and for what purposes we are using cooling radiators, who can explain? 2. Which instruments I have to use to elevate unsymmetrical things (like a rover) to the orbit? I saw some special composite containers (opens like a flower), can I use it without mods?
  8. Та же фигня, друг. Та же фигня... Я без понятия как в существующем редакторе, без модов, построить и запустить в небо работоспособный самолет. НА форумах и на Стиме пишут, что в новой версии игры 1.1 сломана механика самолетная, что-то не так с колесами и центровкой самолетов - спонтанное смещение в стороны. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Забираю свои слова обратно - все нормально летает. Получилось не сразу, но оно полетело... А шасси взрываются из-за плохого полотна аэродрома.
  9. I tried to make aircrafts from examples in this thread - they didn't fly ( I can't understand what i'm doing wrong. They twist round all the time and crushes on take-off strip.
  10. I am a begginer in this game, and I have a question about hidden options in "carrer mode". Which "upgrade" I have to do to make it possible to set apses in the "map"? I can get to the spase, but I can't set a maneuver on the map, help me please.
  11. Please, help me. I begin to play this game, and I have some problems with missions in Career Mode. There are a lot of missions "Conduct a focused observational survey of Kerbin", on which you have to take the "Crew reports" above some altitude near some zone. Could somebody explain what I have to do?