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  1. Other suggestions: - Science lab - Communications array - Resource storage (Potentially for refueling) Your list sounds pretty good, though.
  2. This is a pretty minor suggestion, but I've thought for a while that it should be in the game. KSP's current loading scenes are pretty boring, just a black screen with some barely-noticeable twirling planets. How about something like this instead? As you enter the launch pad, you get an image of the crew bus driving down the crawlerway towards your rocket. IMO it creates a more "epic" feeling, similar to the feeling from a launch countdown. The images would be unique for each loading scenario or KSC building. Here's the VAB: These are just concepts, of course. SQUAD would probably do better than my weird, five-minute GIMP creations. Other buildings would have similar pictures accompanying them: - The Runway has a plane taxing by the tower - The Astronaut Complex has a press room or training facility or something - The Tracking Station has a satellite dish pointing to the sky - The SPH has some fuel trucks and things driving down a hallway - The R&D has a guy wheeling some experiments down a hallway The images are supposed to represent someone entering the facility, hence the hallways. What do you guys think? (Note: Both of the images I used were ripped from the KSP 1.0 trailer)
  3. Wow! Thank you I remember this story being really cool and in-depth, glad to see that the links haven't been lost!
  4. Not having a big enough construction building? That's not a bug, that's just realism
  5. This is a pretty cool mod. I love how "comfy" the parts look, it really makes surface bases look better. Just one question though: how do you get the parts into space? Obviously, their shape is pretty unusual so you can't just stack them on top of a rocket. Is the only solution to use the bi/tri-coupler? Also, the IVAs look pretty low res and blurry. Is this intentional? Other than that, it's really well designed and I love the concept
  6. My graphics card doesn't seem to have an option to force-disable it :/ It only has 2x, 4x, 8x, and "allow application to choose"
  7. Didn't work unfortunately :/ I enabled 4x filtering from the card's graphics options and it's still the same. I have an integrated card but the rest of the computer is pretty decent.
  8. Hello! I'm having an issue with scatterer where there are big pixelated circles in the sky. It mostly happens during nighttime, but is also visible in the day. The sky and ocean look fantastic in the daytime, but these circles are really messing it up, obviously Any idea as to what's going on?
  9. So recently I've noticed that when I zoom IN during IVA, then exit IVA, it applies those FOV settings to the external view, making my game look all weird and isometric. Similarly, when I zoom OUT during IVA, then exit IVA, the external view looks as if my craft is a black hole, bending all the light around it You have to use alt + scroll wheel to change the FOV back again. Obviously, this is getting pretty annoying to work with. Could we make the two settings independent of each other, so that when you exit IVA, the FOV is reset to whatever it was before?
  10. Definitely agree. My screen is rather cramped when the KER window is open, and the part dialogs keep opening behind it. I know it's not SQUAD's job to fix mod issues, but like Foxster said, it also affects experiment dialogs.
  11. That fixed it. Despite a bit of lag in IVA, RPM is working great, thanks for the help!
  12. Yeah, Vanamonde managed to merge the accounts and bring over all my old rep points and stuff. So everything is good then EDIT: Just realized it was actually sal_vager who did the merge, so thanks to him! Thanks to both of them actually!
  13. Hey guys, does anyone know if we can access the story somewhere else? All the links are broken due to forum upgrade I remember this story being really long and in-depth, would be a shame if it was lost
  14. Hey guys, I've been trying to install RPM, but it doesn't seem to be working at all. I mean, the capsules are unmodified, and there is no indication that the mod was ever installed. I installed manually, so that the JSI folder has 4 subfolders. I looked through the debug log and found a few lines that looked interesting: [Log]: RPMVesselComputer: Initializing RPM version [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at mk2LanderCabin, index 6: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: ...no TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... This is on KSP version 1.1 Here is the full log, very long: Thank you guys!